Monday, February 1, 2010

Crafty ADD Update #26

Another week - and more crafty stuff! I have officially created a new category in these updates - the miscellaneous category :P Why? Well I have some random things that I do (like paper stuff or whatever) that I don't do frequently enough for them to really have their own category. This way I no longer have to worry about that. You'll love my Misc. item this week :) Oh - and a note about crocheting - it didn't happen this week. Oopsie. I got very caught up in beading, which you'll see!


I made myself a light box! That picture makes my living room look a lot darker than it is...but I have a light box! *bounces* The box is a little cockamamie which is why you see a pill bottle peaking out from one corner. I need to figure out a better solution to that... I also want to get a third lamp that can do overhead light because I'm still get some shadows just having the two lights. So my project isn't finished...but it's a big improvement over where I was at!


I made the rope to go with my Peso Pendant that I made last week! I'm really please with how this turned out and I'm looking forward to taking more pictures so that I can list it :D

Rings! I've made my first rings! Woohoo! Plan on listing these this week as well :) And making more!

I actually *gasp* made things for myself this week too! The spirals I made earlier today to go with the shirt I'm wearing, and I did the bead woven earrings earlier this week. The seed beads are kind of an iridescent peacock color. I bought them last week and knew right away that I wanted to weave some earrings with them. By the time I was half way through the first one I knew I was keeping it for myself! Which really is a good idea since I don't have any of my own bead woven earrings. Bracelets - yes, ring - yes, necklaces -yes, but I had no earrings! i had other styles, but it was high time I had a pair of my own bead woven earrings.

This lovely bracelet is made using a chevron weaving technique that I learned from this month's issue of Bead and Button. I love how delicate it turned out! All it needs to finish it is a good clasp, I want to go buy a really cute one for it :)

Oh yes, and I finished my paw prints bracelet, and forgot to take a picture of it completed before I gave it to my friend! Ooops! Don't worry though, I do plan on making one for my shop, eventually....


BeadedTail said...

Great light box! I need to make one cause the one I have makes the background of my photos look orange. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong but never have time to figure it out during the rainy/tax season which is when I need it the most!

Love your rings and that pink bracelet!

MagdaleneJewels said...

I have been reading about light boxes since I started here on Etsy, and am still trying to figure out (even with all the directions) how to make one. Kudo's to you for accomplishing this!
I love the chevron bracelet. I just learned how to make beaded rings also (do they call that a peyote ring) I just took a class on that. Yours look great!

Anitra Cameron said...

Great light box! I actually bought one, really cheap at Harbor Freight because the zipper on its case was broken, but I think I like yours even better.

And the jewelry pieces are just yummy, especially the rope one. Love it.

Kathleen said...

Great light box =) Lovely jewelry, too. Looks like you had some fun there!

pam q said...

Hey! You made your light box!

Very cool!

I am hoping for some good sun this week to get a few pictures taken so I can get my Etsy shop back open......soon!!!!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Great start on the light box!
And all of your creations look great :) Lovin' the rings and the bracelet is so cute!

Christine's Beadworks said...

Fabulous light box, I'm looking forward to hearing more about it and how it helps your pictures. Love you jewelry.

Meghann LittleStudio said...

Great light box, and I love, love LOVE those woven earrings! HOT baby! I have got to try that myself :D
I really like your chevron bracelet also, I need to get that issue of B&B - I love that mag :)
Hope you're feeling better,
Meg and Arwen

NICO Designs said...

Great job on the box and the projects. My husband told me it is time for me to replace my light box. With all of the moving from the sewing room to the dining room (better light there) it is practically falling apart. Thank goodness it is only a box and tissue paper.

TonyaA said...

I can see me wearing those earrings with a pretty navy blue summer dress. Great work. Lovely jewelry!
Blessings, peace,and love!

Anonymous said...

The light box looks great. Love the rings!