Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Projects Right Now!

As promised - a picture of the headband I made myself!
It's just a simple knitted strip that I tied in the back.
And you even got a pic of me out of the deal :)

This is my bead weaving board at the moment! 
Working on a vampire bracelet that I designed :)
I might put it aside temporarily to knock out a couple of pendants though...

Monday, November 22, 2010

Getting Stuff Done!

I've been really sick with a bad cold, and it hasn't gone completely away, but it's finally better enough that I can function as long as I have some cold meds! Woohoo! So what does that mean? I've been working like crazy tonight! Check it out:

First of all - just go check out my etsy shop. 
I've spent all night renewing anything that has a good picture!
That's a LOT of items ladies and gentlemen :)
Tomorrow - I start taking new pictures of old items that need it!

As for Artfire...I finally added something again!

This beauty is only $15 with free shipping! 

Ok - I've worked on a bunch of stuff since I last posted...
But I'm to tired to take any more pictures. 
So look for this tomorrow :D 

Saturday, November 20, 2010


I hate being sick! Sorry I've gone awol again - I have a really bad cold right now. Temperature fluctuating all over the place, nose running, and sleeping a lot! I slept for 16 hours straight last night and I'm still utterly exhausted. I have a lot I want to work on, lots I want to do in my shop, but it's just not going to to happen today! Oh well. Hopefully another day or two of rest and I'll be back in top form :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fun Stuff All!

This bracelet is a special one.
My brother sent me the beads from Nepal! 
I'm so tempted to keep this one for myself...
But I like how it turned out so much that it's up for sale!
If no one grabs it things might not stay that way though...

Ok, I know it's not exactly spring right now...
This would still make a GREAT Christmas present though!
AND it's 10% off! 

Nothing new crafty wise today - but I plan on doing a bunch this afternoon!

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Oh goodness! What a day it's been! I can decide where to begin! Wow. I've had a lot of things I've been wanting to get done for a long time and I got so much of it done today! Maybe I should just list it...

1. Kitchen
2. Bedroom
3. Some of the living room

1. THE BLOG - I'm going for red and green right now in honor of the upcoming holiday - can you tell? LOL
2. I also created and updated both banners and avatars (and on Artfire the color theme) in both my shops.
3. I made the little section headers I wanted to make! You'll see in a minute ;)

1. Breakfast: pancakes and sausage :D Don't worry I really was behaving! I used sugar-free syrup and they were turkey sausages :P
2. Dinner: (breakfast was at lunch time) BBQ Pork loins, mashed potatoes, and broccoli.

Wow - it was a full day! Now on to the things in my shop and and the crafty stuff I got done yesterday!

These babies are on CLEARANCE!!!!

Wouldn't this be the perfect Christmas present?

This would be perfect to add a bit of travel flair to your
wardrobe - and perfect to wear at Christmas! 

This necklace is a commission for my friend Gypsy :D
If anyone's interested in something similar just let me know! 

I made something else yesterday too - but I didn't like how it turned out :P 
So it's being scrapped and no picture! 

Until tomorrow ~ Ruthie

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday Night

Isn't that a creative title? I couldn't think of anything else :P Sorry I was gone for a couple of days - went all melty brained (migraine) again! But I'm backkkkk. And here is where I'm at:

What's For Sale

Aren't these cute? It may not be the right time of the year to be out in your garden (unless you're in the southern hemisphere!) but that doesn't mean it's not a great time to buy these earrings! Wouldn't they make a great Christmas present? Click on the link above to go check 'em out in my store! 

Aren't these great to wear to a party? Or even just to add a little jazz to your every day life? I sure think so! Click on the link! 

Daily Crafty ADD

Well - being knocked out with a bad migraine makes for no crafting :( BUT I did go shopping! 

Aren't they cute? It was hard to take a good picture - but that's red and green folks! I'm going to play with them soon, but I have a couple of other things I need to work on first. I'll show you what I mean tomorrow :D

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'm back! I think....maybe...wait for it....Well we'll see shan't we?

For any of you who missed my last post that proudly proclaimed I was back let me explain this for you. I announced September 5th that I was back and working on my shop again. I even managed to put up a follow up post, (What??), that was it. Flop.

That's alright though isn't it? We all have our flops from time to time, and I didn't truly give up! First I got a horrendous cold that made existing seem like a side benefit, so nothing got done. Then, and it's a long story, I ended up messing up my lower back pretty bad. That's healed now and other than the usual persistent migraines, I'm not doing too bad!

So I'm determined. It might be a slow come back. It might lack some of the flashy wit of my old posts (wait, was that even there?) but I'm going to work on getting into the routine again!

For now the majority of my posts are going to be formatted around two topics: What's for Sale, and Daily Crafty ADD. What's for Sale will be the opener of the posts and you'll get to see anything new I've posted that day all in one place! Since I'm going to be working on reopening my Etsy and My Artfire shops again, this will be great! I will not be duplicating any listings between the two stores, just to keep things simple for myself. Daily Crafty ADD will take the place of my weekly posts about my crafty ADD-ness, I'll just keep you right along with me as I walk my winding road! I hope you enjoy it :)

This post is no different from the others really - this just has a long intro :P So now, without further adieu, may I present my new blog post format!


Purple and Yellow Crystal Earrings

Aren't these cute? 
Just click on the link below the picture for more information and/or to purchase!
Only $5!!!


When finished the frogs will be the classic: "Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil." My Mom bought the pattern for my after Granny died earlier this year. Granny LOVED frogs and had a HUGE collection of them.
Granny also loved to do things with her hands and we have a gorgeous cross-stitch she did at one point! 

Granny had a set of frogs in these classic poses as figurines. Well Dad has the figurines, and I'm making my own memory for her.Tonight I worked on the eye and face area on the green frog. Didn't get too much done, but I was chatting :P

*NOTE TO SELF* Make some sort of cute banner for each of the sections in the blog posts? Hmmm...Ideas... That might just be my crafty thing for tomorrow :P Did I mention its way past my bed time?