Monday, June 14, 2010

A Fun Commission

One of the best parts of starting out the market season, was that I got a unique (for me) commission the very first day I attended! One of the other market vendors wanted a hair piece to cover her bun. So I got to work!

It was a long process getting this made. First I found the beads, then I tracked down the write needle and some stretchy cord for beading, and then I started playing! I quickly realized that the cord wouldn't go through the smaller beads, so I went back to the bead store but they didn't have any good pinks in the larger size. So I decided to do the top part in thread (double sown to reinforce), and the sides in stretchy cord.

I also tapered in the sides making them smaller and smaller so that it would grip around the bottom of the bun. She might still need to use some bobby pins, but I wanted it to be as secure as possible on it's own.

I had to take a last shot of it with my hand in it (I don't have enough hair!) to show the 3d effect. I love how it turned out - and the best part is - she did too! Woohoo! AND she ordered one in different colors for her daughter :) Time to cracking on that :)


Merily said...

That is so cool!

BeadedTail said...

What a clever idea and you did a great job in making it!

Meghann LittleStudio said...

That is GORGEOUS! Now I want one....but I have a LOT of very thick hair that probably wouldn't let anything hold it *sigh* I'll just have to admire that one :)