Sunday, January 9, 2011

Slogging On

How are you doing on your New Years Goals? I'm not doing that great. Course I can blame it on getting sick to a large part, but I think the rest of it is just that it takes times to set new habits. True, posting and blogging every day is more of an old habit being resurrected, but still, it's like creating a new habit because I took a break for so long from my shop! 

I've done a lot better on the "posting items" portion of my goal. I've had a lot of items to renew on my etsy, so I've been managing to log in and renew a few almost every day. Getting to this blog has been harder! 

I'm hoping this next week will be a much more productive one, and that I won't be as sick so it'll be easier to achieve my goals! Oh yes, and did you notice that the item I posted a picture of is on clearance??? You should snap that up before someone else does :)

Oh yes, I also plan on reformatting my blog this week if possible, I'm very tired of the Christmas theme!

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