Thursday, June 2, 2011

Elfsisters' Art Adventure - Time for June's Adventure! - Week 5

This week has been chaotic, nothing you guys want to hear about, but I do have to apologize because I haven't had the time to post or do any drawing this week! Grrr.... I still have one more thing that I really want to draw for May's challenge so if I ever get it done I'll include it in one of my posts. 

This week was FUN! I think I'm going to enjoy all the pages that involve destruction :D This week we were supposed to get our hands dirty and make hand or finger prints. My friend Gypsy helped me with this weeks assignment, and we recruited my brother to be photographer. First she had to play in the mud puddles:

Then we found a good patch of mud...

I think the rest is self explanatory! 

I'm happy with it! 

Next Week's Wreck this Journal assignment is: Drip Something Here: (Ink, paint, tea) Close this book to make a print. Have fun! I'm tempted to use my coffee, but since there's a page relating to that one I'll pick something else...

It's June and that means a new Art Challenge! Meri, my dear elf-sister who I co-host this with picked the theme this month, but really, we both are huge Lord of the Rings fans :D She more so than I but...I'm becoming more so day by day :D I'm going to see how quickly I can get through the books, who thinks I can read all for (starting with the Hobbit) in a month? 

If you joined in the fun this last week please leave your post about it in the comments below. I'm exhausted and I'm not going to make a linky thing :p 

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Meri Greenleaf said...

Ooo, looks you guys had fun in the mud! :D I'll have to do that for a page at some point- I know there's a dirt page in there, so I'll definitely do that then, but not sure when else.

I was wondering when we'd get to that page that you picked! I think I'm going to use paints again, unless I'm doing henna again this week. Then I'll do the paints first (or the henna first), then the other. What fun! :D

And I'm really excited about the LotR theme! Not sure exactly what I'll be drawing, but I already decided that I wanted hobbits in my WTJ. I think I'll sketch them on my fruit stickers page for the heck of it. lol! Of course I'll stick them in my sketchbook, too!

Oh, and here's my post for the unofficial link list: