Thursday, July 7, 2011

Elfsisters' Art Adventure - One Elfsister has been MIA

Before I say anything else I have to apologize for not blogging for...a month! oopsie... I made a decision that I needed to step back from things for awhile and life confirmed it :P I'll be blogging more about that in the next day or two (hopefully) but for now...let's get on with the fun!

I know that says June - but we are keeping the Lord of the Rings challenge for July because neither Meri nor myself really had a chance to work on it last month! So if you like to draw, paint, or do any sort of craft and would like to join in, our challenge this month is to make things that are Lord of the Rings related! So far I've drawn a total of one scary picture of Gollum (copied off a stock photo):

Creepy no? But I think pretty good considering I've never drawn anything like this before!

We've kind of been in limbo on this one because Meri and I are mailing our books back and forth right now. So no assignments this week! Hopefully she'll have her book back by next week and we can move forward on that :) I'll show pictures of what she did to my book (although its on her blog already :P) and what I did to HER book (ok, what I'm going to do) next week :) For this week - the "make a cup from this page!" 

I decorated the page with crayon, although in retrospect marker would have been more fun because then it would have run when wet. Oh well... I made pretty blue water lines (hehehe) and colored the instructions in my favorite color (purple!) and Meri's (green!). 

Then, I made it into a funnel! The hand towel in the background is what I had out to let it dry on afterwards :) 

Going in for a drink...

And drinking!

Mo kept teasing me that I'm going to get crayon poisoning, but I did that yesterday (yes, I'm behind) and I feel fine so no harm no foul!

See you next week :) Don't forget to check out Meri's blog:


Meri Greenleaf said...

Bah, crayons don't have lead in them anymore, do they? I'm sure you're fine. Although Josh said the same thing to me about markers. Silly boys.

I love that your cup seems to have popped open and spilled out as much as mine did. ;) Good choice in colors, by the way. ;)

Ooo, that Gollum is creepy! But that's neat that you drew something like that! I've been on a Hobbit kick, so maybe I'll try drawing Gollum and Bilbo.

Anonymous said...

I love Gollum! Now a Gollum funnel cup, THAT would have been impressive! LOL, good work!