Monday, December 1, 2008

Missing in Action

As you all well know, this last weekend was one of the busiest sales weekends of the year, and I wasn't around on-line! Yikes! Believe me, it's been killing me. So where was I? Well, the problem has been two fold. One, I've been sick. Two, I won't have an internet connection at my new apartment until Thursday :( So I've been going over to my parents house and using their internet, but that only gives me so much time! Especially when you consider that I usually have my laptop on all day, and it sits right next to where I do my creating, so I'm constantly around if I'm home usually!

What does that mean? I MISS EVERYONE! I can't wait to have my normal connection and catch up on blogs and chatting and promoting and everything!

It also means that I've spent more time creating because I haven't been as distracted as I usually get by the internet :P Well, that and I've been sick because I spent too much energy moving so my body decided to rebel. Which means that instead of unpacking I've been sitting at my work table and creating project after project!

I finally finished my Legend of Zelda - Link bracelet! This piece has been a long work in process. I've had the pattern for around two months, but it took time to get the money to buy all the colors I needed to produce it. Then I finally started it, spent three hours weaving, and had to throw away the first attempt because we all (myself and my geek experts) decided that one of the colors were wrong. That was three weeks ago. Since I have a goal of doing one woven project per week, and I knew I wasn't going to finish it that week, I set it aside and made a pair of earrings that week. Wise decision too - they sold pretty fast!

I went back to working on the bracelet two weeks ago, and failed to meet my one week deadline I've set for myself. Oh well. It's the first time I've failed to meet it since I started, and between moving and holiday festivities I think I have a good excuse! Plus, since finally finishing it yesterday, I've already finished one weaving project and started another ;) Like I internet access...

Details: The finished bracelet would be perfect for a man or woman with large wrists as it measures 8 inches long and is just over 1 inch wide. I can easily reproduce it in a shorter length, so if your interested please just give me two weeks to recreate it! The bracelet itself features Link, in what my brother tells me is probably his form from The Windraker. It also has 4 of the Triforce symbols in blue. The cost is $30 with $2 shipping and handling to anywhere in the world!


agoodwitchtoo said...

That is a fantastic creation! I remember playing that game for hours upon hours when it first came out!

We miss you too! Yay for internet on Thursday!

Feel better. That's a command.

QuirkyDolls said...

I know what you mean. I am so addicted (or loving) my computer and the web! I went to the Keyes recently and even though they adverstised wifi the signal kept cutting in and out(mainly out) and I got so angry!
The hotel desk clerks said "Welcome to the internet in the Keyes !"
I use to think I would love to live there ......NO More!

storybeader said...

we've missed you too, Ruthie! The beadweaving is great - very cute!

TiLT said...

Love the Link! My son keeps thinking about the Godsend he's going to have to weigh it against this one!

We miss you too :) But Thursday is almost here :) yippee!

TNT2008 said...


I also did not have a working internet connection and it would not have bothered me so badly if I had closed down my shop! I had a question from a would-be customer and I felt horrible that she had to wait that long.

I am going to close things down so that I can also just create:)