Saturday, December 13, 2008

Pictures Galore!!!

I've just been ITCHING to take pictures of my jewelry over these last couple of weeks - but to no avail. First it was simply a matter of being in the middle of moving, then I was getting ready for the bazaar and I decided pictures were a lower priority, and then I've been sick. You put it all together - and I'm utterly amazed at how much new inventory I've amassed in my bins - and how little of it is on-line! Well, today, the stars finally aligned and I've been able to take pictures! Woohoo!

I prioritized and started by taking pictures of my Team BDC piece that I've been tormenting you all about, a couple of new Christmas pieces, and another bracelet that just happened to be sitting close at hand ;). That's probably all I'll get listed tonight because I want to try to get as many photo's taken as possible, and then I'll list like crazy over the next couple of days! I'm giving myself a break for a few minutes by typing up this post :P

And now to unveil my Team BDC piece! I'll include the description from the listing here so you know what my thoughts were in creating it :)

November's Challenge for Team Big Damn Crafters (in honor of the show
Firefly and the movie Serenity) was the episode "Our Dear Mrs.
Reynolds." In this episode we first meet Saffron, who has several
different names, and I decided to make my piece for her! Now this
Firebird Necklace isn't something you ever see in the series, but I
think it's true to the spirit of her character. Saffron has training as
a companion, which is like a very, very high class hooker. One of the
other characters in the show is a companion (Inara) and she often wears
very ornate jewelry. So this is a piece I picture Saffron wearing if
she was working as a companion, and I think it's very appropriate to
both her name and the colors she wears!

Now you don't have to be a fan of Firefly to love this necklace - I
debuted it at bazaar and received TONS of comments on it! Do you have a
fancy occasion to dress up for? Then this is perfect for you! This
necklace is made from hundreds of tiny seed beads, is my own design,
and is adjustable to fit a variety of neck sizes. It also comes with a
matching pair of earrings in Swarovski crystal. While the pictures
don't do it justice, the beads do actually go from a brilliant yellow,
to orange, to red, and back out again! If you love this look, but it
doesn't match the colors you have, I'd love to make this piece in more
colors! So send me a message and I'd love to customize one for you :)

This necklace ranges between 15 and 17 inches and the earrings hang 2 1/4 inches long.

Would you like to be the proud owner of this lovely piece? Click on the button below to buy it now! Only $40 with $2 shipping and handling to anywhere in the world!

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And don't forget tonight running through tomorrow I have a 20% off sale in my shop! PLUS, from now on, every 5th order will receive a prize! So when I hit 50, and 55, and 60, and on it goes forever! So shop now!

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