Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tilt Creation's Giveaway Winner!

I like announcing the winner's on Saturday - but gee - I'm having a hard time waking up in the morning! So announcing the winner "in the morning" might be a loose estimate - lol.

We had 34 entries this week - 4 more than last week! My goal was to get at least one more entry than last week, and we got 4 more! That may not be that exciting to you - but it is to me :) So here's what happened when I went to the random number generator!

So who's number 12?

Congrats Nancy!
So who's Nancy? Well I went to her blog and saw...

I love it! That's both an incredible blog header - I love the piece she show cases in the lower right corner :)

You really should check out her blog - I'm going to go do some more reading later :)

Edit: I misunderstood what I was looking at when I originally posted some of her links.
BUT the following is now correct :)

A direct link to some of Nancy's work is here.

Congrats again Nancy!
Stay tuned everyone - there's another giveaway next week - and more specials offered all the time!

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TiLT said...

yippee for the winner!!!