Monday, January 11, 2010

Crafty ADD Update #23

Last week was a bad one migraine wise (reacting to something new...) and I thought I didn't get very much done. The good news is that looking at the pictures shows I got more done than I thought!


What you see here is the death and rebirth of a project. The ball on the right is what was once the purple hat I was crocheting. The biggest problem was that I didn't think to check gauge until I was REALLY far into it...and my gauge was way off. My Mom and I thought we'd figured it out, but the problem was I could no longer do counts to double check myself. I was getting close to being done - and I realized that somewhere along the way I'd manage to get WAY off. I finally decided that the only thing to do was start over and MAKE SURE I'm in gauge this time! I also decided to make sure I had the right yarn (the ball on the right was close, but no quite). I tried starting it again today, and discovered I need yet a bigger size crochet hook. Good thing is I can get one from my Mom tomorrow :)

I also started a baby blanket this weekend! That was a whole fiasco though. Mom and I are going to be making matching baby blankets for my friends that are having twin boys. I'm doing a blue and white and she's doing a green and white. Which wouldn't have been a problem except that we some how managed to get two different types of yarns and so we had to go back and return some and refigure out colors a bit. But we're all good to go now!


Wednesday I made one of my last Christmas presents! I had put this one off, not because it was too hard, but just because I knew I wouldn't be seeing John until after Christmas so I knew I could put it off. I know that the shot of the dragon pendant is fuzzy, but I LOVE that pendant. John did too, so we're good there :)

Saturday I made up this simple necklace in pearls and swarovski crystals. It's a wedding necklace for a family friend. She wanted something very simple. The dress is a lovely cream, and I found pearls that match exactly! The crystals match her sisters (the maid of honors) dress. The one other thing I kept in mind when designing this piece was that the dress has several places where things are grouped in threes (pleats, edging, that type of thing) and so I duplicated that in the necklace by grouping the pearls in threes!

Yeah, I'm still working on this! Going sloooow. Mostly just because I haven't put anywhere near enough time into it :P Like I said, lots of migraines again this last week. Hoping to finally get it done in the next few days though so I can get going on my next projects in the pipeline!


BeadedTail said...

The pearl necklace is so pretty! Hope you have another productive week!

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Beautiful wedding necklace.. simple is the best.. I know this necklace will be perfect for the wedding dress.. and I like that you choose the crystal color match to maid-of-honor dress.. Brilliant idea!!

pam q said...

Love the color of yarn you are crocheting with!

Or trying to crochet with...ha!

I know how you feel since I had to totally rip out my knitting project.

Hope your migraines improve. I used to get some nasty ones, but as I have reached "a certain age", they have really let up.

At least there is something good about getting old! ;-)

Anitra Cameron said...

Wow. I you can get that much done with migraines bedeviling you, what couldn't you do without them?!

Can't wait to see the hat!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Been missin' ya Ruthie! Hope your are feeling better this week.
Sorry to hear you'll have to start over on the hat!
The new jewelry looks great :)

mermaiden said...

i share the crafy ADD illness, but luckily not the migraine problems. feelin' for ya and patting your back for many beautiful things done :D

Splendid Little Stars said...

In spite of having to re-do projects, you are still getting a lot done.

Leah said...

such great work you've got goin on! love the colors of the baby blanket!