Monday, January 18, 2010

Crafty ADD Update #24

I had a very hard time focusing on anything this week! Part of that was going on another short road trip to see my Granny, and part of that was feeling sick, and part of that was....I don't know? Here's what I got done though :)


Not much progress on this over the course of the week, but I got a little bit done! I'm kinda stuck on the hat I've been working on. I need to get together with Mom on that one. Not showing anything because I crocheted and tore apart several times.


Almost done with this! I need to get a clasp for it and then it'll be done! Woohoo!

Here's what I've gotten done on the remake of the ring I talked about yesterday! I decided to add a little design to it as well as make it narrower this time around.

This is the start of my challenge piece for the Etsy Bead Weavers Challenge this month :D I'm going to call it "Treasures of the Sea."

3 comments: said...

First, I love that challenge piece!
And your beadweaving skills are so impressive. I'd love to learn that one day.

NICO Designs said...

I like how you show the pieces as you work on them--it is fun to see the progress. And the pawprints is so cute!

ELLIE said...

love your creations - would love to learn how to crochet - I am amazed at it all