Sunday, May 16, 2010

Market Day and Renewed Focus

Yesterday was market day again - and I had a lot of fun! Normally I'm going to be doing the Markets every other week, but for the opening of the market I did two weeks in a row.

I made some small changes to my booth this week. The first is that I found the tray that you see above at Ross. I love it! The wood is perfect for displaying hemp and it looks better than when I had the bracelets just loosely displayed. I'm going to be moving the hemp necklaces at some point .... but I'm not sure how it'll work out just yet so I'll tell you about it somewhere down the road.

My hubby found this on top of the fridge when spring cleaning the other day and I realized it was perfect for displaying my charms! I used to have enough counter space that I could display my coffee mugs on the counter. I haven't been able to do that in a long time so I kinda forgot I had it. I may eventually get another one when I have more inventory :)

This is the featured booth of the week! It's one of my nearest neighbors. Doesn't he do beautiful work? He has a gorgeous accent too ( I need to ask him where he's from). And don't worry, it's not like I have a crush or anything, he's an older guy :P I just love voices!

Do you SEE the temptation I'm faced with every week? And to make it worse ... their fudge is delicious! So far I've been a good girl and only had one sample a week. I'll probably buy my hubby some if I have a really good week. Bringing home sweets is a great way to keep the hubby happy :P

I did pretty decent this week. I didn't make my sales goal, but I made enough to make me happy and consider it a pretty decent today. I also met a lady that I might start teaching to bead weave! I really hope it happens because I've been thinking for awhile that it would be great to teach, and this would give me a great chance to get some experience.

I'm feeling really psyched about business stuff right now. I mean, I enjoy doing my jewelry no matter what, but having the regular venue is really renewing and channeling my focus again. I have a lot of ideas, but I'll talk about those in a different post.


Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

Market Days sounds like so much fun..I wish they had something like that where I live.. I would love to have a regular venue like that.. oooh, fugde, yum.. keep me away! :)

BeadedTail said...

It's so wonderful that you are participating in the Saturday markets! I can sense your renewed energy and only good things can come from that!

Merily said...

Hey, I recognize that fairy in there. ;) I'm loving the wooden display things you're using- they look great and really show off the jewelry and charms. :)

And fudge!! Man, now I'm hungry- you are stronger than me; I'd be spending all my income there, lol!

KRDesigns11 said...

Glad you are enjoying the markets. It looks like there is a lot of open space. Around here (Chicago western suburbs) they are crowded and hectic and people bring their dogs. I am sorry you get migraines; I was told chocolate is a trigger along with all the other fun things in life. I found accupuncture with a traditional Chinese medicine doctor helpful.

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Love the new diplays! And I hope the teaching works'd be great at it :)

Beth said...

Sounds like you are enjoying this experience! The wood tray is perfect for the hemp, nice & natural. Congrats on the sales :)
And that furniture is beautiful!

Linda Pruitt said...

Sounds great! Where is the market . . in Vancouver? I'm in the SE. Maybe I could come by some Saturday.

TiLT said...

I could never get just one are a strong woman!
Love the coffee holder for the charms...good thing he cleaned up huh? :)

FishHawk said...

"Rose Works Jewelry" has been included in this weeks Sites To See. I hope you like the image I featured, and I hope this helps to attract many new visitors (not to mention customers!) here.

Charity Lynn said...

Sounds like you're having a lot of fun with Market Days. :) I wish we had something similar to that here - we have a "farmer's market" but that's impossible to get into if you're not selling vegetables. LOL!

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