Friday, January 2, 2009

Friday's Feature - Robyn's Art!

Last night we had a great show and interview with Robyn of Robyn's Art! If you'd like to hear the show go here. Click on any of the pictures you see in this post to go to their etsy listing. Here's a little bit of what we learned about Robyn last night :)

Robyn is an artist with many talents. She loves photography and said that she always takes her camera with her! Recently she's taken up hiking as both a fun exercise, and a way to find even more incredible photo opportunities.

One thing that was a lot of fun for me in interviewing Robyn is the fact that we're from the same area! So many of her photos are of my favorite places - like the above photo of Multnomah Falls.

Do you ever go searching for the perfect journal - but get frustrated with the over-priced and impersonal selections that can be found in the local stores? Well, Robyn also sells journals! Not only can you find some fantastic one's in her shop now - she told us of her plans to continue to expand and improve her line of journals :)

Want to get to know Robyn better? Here's where you can find her!

Robyn's Shop

Robyn's Blog

Follow Robyn on Twitter!

Robyn is also a part of the Pluggers United Team and the Bookbinders of Etsy Street Team.


storybeader said...

beautiful "landscape" photography! And I'm a journal nut - nice to know another journal maker. Sorry I missed your show - trying to spend more time with the DH - one of my new year's resolutions {:-D

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed the show last night. I arrived to late... :o(

However, I did listen to the archive this morning and it was great.

Robyn is a great person.


Robynsart said...

Thank you so much, Ruthie! You were wonderful during the interview and you totally put me at ease!! And thanks to everyone who has listened to it, and all the kind comments!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Totally understand not being able to make some shows - I miss shows I want to be at all the time!

Robyn - your very, very welcome!

BeadedTail said...

I enjoyed the show and Robyn's work is beautiful!