Saturday, January 3, 2009

Selling Venues - Bonanzle - Part 2!

I probably won't do two part posts for most of the selling sites I review, but I did feel that it was necessary to give you some more information about the site its self, and I didn't want that first post to drag on forever! you go...part 2 :)

The above picture is what greeted me when I logged in today. Yes, I have signed up for Bonanzle, but at this point just so I could explore! That's one of the nice things about Bonanzle - you don't have to submit a credit card or any other super-personal information to sign up and browse. The process of signing up only takes about two minutes.

The pictures you see on the front are constantly changing - something I love! The border colors also tell you if the seller is currently on-line, near where your located (you do have to give a zip code), newly listed, or in a bonanza today! Bonanza's are site advertised sales, and each seller can sign up for one a month!

Interested in buying? Clicking on the "Buy" button takes you into a variety of ways to search for what you want to buy. At the very top you'll see current and upcoming bonanzas (sales!), and scrolling down you'll find links for local items, recently listed, bonanza items, favorite items, and freebies. Those last two caught my eye since they aren't really things I've seen on other sites so far. Keep in mind that I am beginning my research though...

Anyway, Favorite items gives you a chance to see what items others have marked as their favorites. I like that concept :) Freebies is exactly what it sounds like - free stuff! Sometimes it might be a picture that they will freely let you download, or a recipe, or instructions for a project, you never know! It's a fun area to browse :)

Diving into the world of selling - each seller gets to set up a booth (the equivalent of a shop on other sites). Below is a snap shot of a booth that I picked just because I really liked his art work! Click on the picture to check out his booth!

There's a lot of information you can input right one the front page, including your location, upcoming bonanza's, pickup if you offer it, discounts for multiple purchases and categories you offer. Also, if your currently on-line they have a real chat option! I don't see myself using this constantly if I decided to sell here, but I can see how it could be really useful in specific situations, like discussing a custom order for instance.

Now for some of the basics about costs and whatnot. Big thanks to Theresa - my research partner - for compiling this info!

~ Free to post items
~ Fees
based on Final Offer Value (FOV): less than $10, $0.50; less than $50,
$1; less than $100, $3; less than $1000, $5; $1000 or more, $10

~ Payment options: Google checkout, Paypal & money orders
~ Import directly from eBay (a major plus if you've been selling there).

I hope this information helps you! As for me, I find Bonanzle very interesting, and it's currently on my list of "I might try's," but no decisions have been made yet along those lines, lots more research to do first!


storybeader said...

I like bonanzle! And if you don't have to pay to post, it sounds like a winner for me. Wonder how many other jewelers are selling?

thanks Ruthie and Theresa! Looks like a site I'll be checking out!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

I'll definitely be checking this out. One of my 2009 goals is to add another online venue...but I'm just now sure which one yet!

TiLT said...

awesome post partner! this series is getting fun! Just need to remember that I am not going to the sites for actual shopping...otherwise I'd be broke with all the great stuff out there :)

blarney_stone said...

Hi everyone, I initially spoke with Ruthie about Bonanzle. I will be more than happy to answer questions regarding Bonanzle, if they were not answered in the wonderful Blog she has posted. Feel free to contact me at I have sold there since September, and have many answers, and can either get the rest, or put you in touch with someone who does have answers. My booth is , and you are welcome to stop by and look.

uniquecommodities said...

Thanks for all of the feed back! I have joined as well!

KayCee Studios said...

I also love Bonanzle! It is a very friendly place to sell. I have had great success selling the digital scrapbook products I design as well as collectibles, clothing, crafty stuff and such.

I am also available to help anyone set up a new booth there, I can be reached via email at