Monday, January 12, 2009

Selling Venues - Crobbies

You may remember me mentioning that Theresa and I's blogging series inspired a special at Well, I decided that meant they should be my next write up! I know, I know, it's taken me awhile to get to it. Life's been busy and interesting lately :P

This is a pretty sweet deal for someone who wants to try out their site! Listing and selling fees are always one of the frustrating facts of life that we have to deal with, and so it's nice when they go away, even temporarily! What are Crobbies normal fees you ask? Good question! To quote Theresa's blog:

“handmade crafts and hobbies”
Free to sell, unlimited listings…they note that fees may change from time to time
3% fee with sale
6 month listings

The front page at Crobbies greats you with a pretty normal range of options. You see some featured items, newest listings, and the current Featured Seller. If your looking to buy, you can either search by category, tag, material, color, or price (with options for minimum and maximum). I got to this item by clicking on "Art/Painting," and then narrowing the search by the category animals.

Are you interested in selling with Crobbies? The sign-up process takes very little time, all they ask for is an e-mail address, username, and password! From there they give you a list of options, and all the require for you to be able to start selling is to enter a credit card or paypal account!

I did sign up for an account, not because I've decided to sell on there, but to be able to give you the most information. However, the site won't recognize my paypal e-mail address for some reason, and I don't really want to give them my credit card information without having made that decision. So, sorry, but I can't give you any more of an idea of what the listing process is like!

One thing I found very interesting about the community is that they have section where you can contribute articles, and a section where you can post blog posts. I find this an interesting addition to the forums we see on many sites, and if I were to start activily using the site I know I would love being able to further my exposure as a seller through these means!

One advantage and draw back combined with this site is that it's still small. That can be good when you consider that your items won't be burried by a thousand others, but it also means the site itself won't have as wide of an exposure base.

I hope this information has helped! Keep your eyes on my blog and Theresa's for more information about selling venues :)


Anonymous said...

Yes, helpful. Thank you! x0

TiLT said...

Nice write up partner! You must be psychic b/c I am writing mine up on Crobbies tonight & did list, so I will get into that for the both of us :)

The front page & ranks will be up in a day or so too...I love the fact that there are only about 4 pages of handbags...better than the 4 THOUSAND on etsy. No burying my stuff right away.

Family Jewels and So Much More said...

thanks for your nice comment...I am now stalking..uh...I mean following you. Hope you do the same with my blog. Still trying to figure out this blog stuff...lots of networking possibilities! Thanks for the great blog and info, Lisa

uniquecommodities said...

Great Info! Thanks for sharing!

storybeader said...

another site I've never heard of! There's a lot out there! Thanks for the series - very interesting!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Thanks for the info Ruthie :)
Off to check it out!

Cards By Jenna said...

I learn something every day! Going to bookmark and check it out tomorrow, bed time for me!


ceejay said...

Great write-up Ruthie!! Thanks to you and Theresa, I've benefitted from the V-day special at Crobbies. Lovin' the FREE!!

I would have to second the comment that Theresa made - it's awesome that there are only a few pages of handbags...and SUPER awesome that my listings were on the front page when I went to sleep last night, and STILL THERE this morning. Woo hoo!!