Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Short and Sweet!

Mint Green Book Mark

Feels like I've been going a million miles a minute the last week or so! It's been interesting trying to keep up with it all... Which means I'm so tired that getting good posts written is hard! But I want to write you, so here I am :)

Why am I so tired and busy? Well, the new reason I'm tired is that I just started using a CPAP machine to deal with my Sleep Apnea. I blogged about that on my other blog.

I'm also getting ready to put my stuff out in a consignment store! So I've been weaving and creating like MAD for the last two weeks! I'll try to take a bunch of pictures Friday morning before it all goes into the shop. :) AFTER that I should have a wee bit more time to focus on this blog again :) I'll return to my selling venue series at that point!

What else is keeping me busy? Well, I'm trying to be a good girl and get things up in the shop I share with my Mom - like that beautiful book mark up at the top! I got some more photos today so I should be listing more things in the next few days. :)

I have new things to list in my own etsy shop, but lately I've just been renewing items, because a lot of them are about to expire! It's fun to revisit some of the items I created awhile ago - and still love! Like these earrings :)

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uniquecommodities said...

I hope everything goes great with your new venture! I need to blog about my possible gig as well!

Anonymous said...

All your creations are so beautiful! Good luck with the sleep therapy and new store, always so exciting! (the store that is) From someone who suffers from sleep loss I know how trying it can be to deal with. I hope things so well for you and life slows down a bit.♥

TiLT said...

wow - busy busy busy! don't forget to slow down when needed...but I am sure your hubby & family will help make sure of that :)