Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Elfisisters' Art Adventure Wk2 - I Revisit my Childhood!

Before I get started with showing off all of my fun stuff for this week, I just want to remind you that we have a group on Flickr! So make sure you go join, upload your pics, and join in the discussion!

I have more that I want to do to these two pages, but it's a secret! Muwhahaha. You'll see soon :) For now I just took my trusty purple pen, filled in the letters with zig-zag lines, added some flowers, blurred the word "destroy," boxed in the authors name, circled the "A perigree book" and added "Woot!" cuz I am excited! Aren't you?

I didn't do much to this page, I wasn't feeling inspired. I did fill in the "warning" so that it's a solid purple. But this page wasn't assigned so I guess that doesn't matter :P I may come back and scribble on it at some point...

Sometimes I don't follow instructions very well. So when it said "write your name in white" I wasn't satisfied with it! So I colored over the white crayon with pencil so you could see it :P I filled in my address, but I scribbled over it in purple cuz I don't want to share it with every random person on the internet! Oh, and when I was done following the instructions I covered the page with a light rubbing from a purple pencil :D Didn't do anything to the face page, hmmm, I should go back and do that at some point...

I think this was my favorite! I filled in "instructions" with some purple zig-zag lines, then I started coloring. I don't remember the last time I pulled crayons out! There's something soothing about it though isn't there? I have a bag of crayons so I just randomly pulled them out one by one until the bag was empty, refilled it, and started all over! I "messed up" at the top and colored the end of "Carry" and the beginning of "this" with the same color, so I made that my thing for this page. I used the same crayon to end one word and start the next :)

Yay! The spine is cracked! I have to admit I did this one I was little sometimes to books that were too stiff while I was reading them. I never cracked books this bad, but I still did it, which makes me a bad girl :P

I lost a few days to migraines this last week, so instead of trying to learn some thing with Celtic Art I decided that I would color! And I'm so glad I did! I love how this turned out :D I used purples to represent me and greens for Meri :) I promise I'll be a good girl this week and actually do some drawing myself.

What did you do this week? Head over to Meri's Blog to drop off your links and join the party!

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Meri Greenleaf said...

Ohhh, I didn't even think to attack the first few pages of the book! I should do that at some point. Probably on a week where we have a simple task, or something I'd already done.

I'm loving that yours is so much purple and mine is so much green. ;) And I love that your instructions page is even more colorful than mine. Yay, crayons! (I should use those at some point, too! Right now I use markers, sharpies and colored pencils.)

Oops, I forgot to get a picture of me actually cracking the spine.

LOVING the colors in the celtic knot! Purple and green go together so well! Or maybe that's because I'm now used to seeing them together. ;)