Friday, May 20, 2011

Some Special Wreck This Journal Pages

I mentioned in Wednesday's post that there are several pages in the Wreck This Journal that we are going to handle differently than the rest. I planed on posting about it yesterday, but I had a busy day, including some wonderful time with friends, and forgot! Oops. Sorry 'bout that :)

Before I get started - not doing the WTJ with us? Don't worry! You can join in anywhere you'd like, just read the posts and do the weekly assignments :)

There are a few pages that we're just going to leave open for you to do when you feel like it! The one above is one of them, as you can see I've already started using it! I had a bag of pens I hadn't used in awhile and needed to see if they worked, so I cracked the book and used 'em :) Here's the full list:

  1. Collect Fruit Stickers - personally I'm going to collect fruit and any other stickers I find on things I eat, but this one should take awhile to fill! 
  2. Use this as a Test Page - see above!
  3. Collect the Stamps off of All your Mail - Unless you get more mail than I do its going to take awhile :)
  4. Document a Boring Event in Detail - if I assign this one I just KNOW you'll have a fascinating week! So, keep it in mind, and when you have a boring event, share it! 
  5. Fill in this page when you are really angry - I'm also not going to dictate when your angry :P 
Fill these pages at your discretion - and then share about them! I will remind you guys towards the end about the Fruit Stickers and the rest :) There are a few others that you may notice take awhile, but we will assign those for certain months - so don't fret!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Ruthie! I think today I will try to pull mine together and get up to date!