Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Elfsisters' Art Adventure - Circles and Spirals - Week 3

Hey everyone! How are you? Are you having fun? I know I'm having lots of fun! This is week three and we are slowly building momentum :) So here's what I did with my projects this last week!

This week's Journal Assignment was the "Write/Scribble on the edges" page:

I only did two sides of the journal this week. I started by putting my real name on the top - Ruthie. I used a purple marker for the words, the pink is also marker, and I used crayon to do the background green. You can also see that on the corners I took the orange marker and marked them. The long side says "Marrikala" and has some spirals :) Marrikala is my Jedi name, that's a long story, but that (or Marri which is shorter), has been my user name for a long time! I don't use it for jewelry stuff, but I use it for a lot of other things! Like games :) The third side is going to be my Elvish name - but we're working on figuring out the proper script, so I'll be adding that in later! 

This was the assignment page, and I couldn't leave it blank! So I colored in the edges of the book picture with purple crayon, did spirals down the side of the page in pencil, the op is some more spiral type things in purple pen, and I did some more crayon and marker on the remaining two sides of the right page. The left side has a bit of a zentangle in the middle and then kinda scribbly stuff around it. And look! You can see my orange page edges :)

This Week: At the front of the book you'll find the assignment "Add Your Own Page Numbers," so go for it! Have fun! Think out side the box, I know what I'm going to do! There are also some pages in this book that really aren't assignable to just one week. I'll do a post about that tomorrow and add a link here.

I was a good girl and actually did some knots this week!

The one on the top left was inspired by one that my elfsister Meri did last week, and the bottom right is a very traditional triskele. The coloring was random, just pulled things out of bags and went for it :P I'm very proud of them :) I was scared! It took a few tries, and you can see one of the first mess ups in the top corner peeking out, but I did it! 

I took the elements in one of the knots I did above, and played with it, to make this one. I don't think it's very true to Celtic Art, more modern, but I used the techniques, and I it's the first thing I did knot wise where I wasn't copying it all, I added my own touch :) I also have another work in progress, but it needs a lot of work before I show it off! 

What are you going to do with your Celtic Art Adventure next week?

The link program isn't working properly, I'll try to add it to the post later tonight :)


Meri Greenleaf said...

I love that because of you, I now see green and purple as an awesome color combination. :D And I do find it very amusing that your alias is Marri, which means it looks and sounds almost like mine. Yay, elfsisters! XD

Loving that left hand side doodle! Very pretty, and at first glance I thought it was Celtic- so good timing with that! And yay, lots of colors. :) I really need to start using crayons. I keep forgetting I have those.

The Celtic knots look great! See, no reason to be scared. They're really easy to do once you start drawing them a lot. And the last one is neat- love the bright colors and how it's three different kinds of shapes. Definitely modern, but Celtic, too, of course.

Melissa said...

I'm really loving that last Celtic knot there. The colors go really well together and the design is really neat.

Anonymous said...

Love the journal Ruthie! I've been so busy I haven't had a chance to do much with the journal I bought. I keep looking at it but that's not getting anything done! Your knots look great! I have a book you would love, it's called Mandalas of the Celts. I love coloring mandalas and this is a coloring book of mandalas containing celtic knots! Looking forward to seeing more!