Thursday, March 12, 2009

Come Meet Kamila's Dolls

Like these dolls? I sure do! Which is why tonight's guest with me on the radio will be Kamila, maker of these awesome art dolls! I'm so looking forward to it...will you join us? Awesome chatter, awesome music, and learning more about Kamila's art!

Check out her website here:

And join us tonight at 9pm EST for the radio show!


storybeader said...

those are awesome looking dolls - kinda scary, but who says all dolls have to look like Barbie (have to admit, I NEVER played with dolls - maybe bec my older sister didn't!) These remind me of marionettes! Hope you have a good show - of course you will!

Nancy said...

Love em!

Athena said...

Great, creepy dolls!

Glynis said...

I am not sure of these dolls, they are a little spooky, they are different, so that makes them special.