Monday, March 23, 2009

Some Patriotic Sparkle and A HuGE Challenge!

So I'm a little late - but it's time once again for my weekly special! This week brings us to my "Patriotic Delights" section. I originally created this last year, as a new artist in the selling world, to celebrate the 4th of July. I've kept it in my shop instead of distributing the pieces to other sections because I think we all have our moments where we want to show off our pride in being Americans!

Patriotic Sparkle Bracelet

The say diamonds are a girls best friend, but I think Swarovski crystal is pretty close! And that's exactly what this bracelet is, a band of Swarovski crystal hand woven on a base of white Delica beads. Very reminiscent of a tennis bracelet, and because of that you can wow your friends, without all the expense!

Bracelet is approximately 7 inches long but could easily be made to fit any size wrist :) Please allow one week for special orders.

Only $18 for this bracelet this week on this blog! That's 20% off with only $2 shipping (already included) to anywhere in the world!

And now...for the Challenge!!!!!!!!

Do you remember me mentioning the Artisan's Challenge returning? Well it's back...and it's time for you to go vote! So go...go...GO and vote!


storybeader said...

wow - that's a lot of crystals! I'll have to look on etsy, if you have it there, close up!

glutenfreegirl said...

Of COURSE I'm gonna blog about my show! :) LOL

Rose Works Jewelry said...

If you want you want to see the bracelet on etsy it's at:

Da Old Man said...

I'd like to order the bracelet in a bigger size. How do I do that?
I can't find a way to contact you.

In case I miss your response, could you email me with details?

Rose Works Jewelry said...

If anybody else has any questions, just let me know at: :) Have a great day!