Sunday, June 14, 2009

Showing Off

There's a lot going on in my life lately, which some times leaves me a little brain dead when it comes to posting! But then you guys make it easy for me by giving me awards! How special is that? This one, the Premio Meme Award, comes from my dear friend Kayla over at The Eclectic Element.

Kayla was such a sweet heart - this is what she said about me: "Ruthie over at Rose Works Jewelry-Ruthie is one amazing person and I think we connected because we have a similar plight. Just like most of the other 'challenged' people I know(I used challenged because it seems so much better then 'sick'), she overcomes her problems and works past them =]"

Now I'm supposed to share 7 facts about myself and pass this on to 7 people so...

1. I have Crafty AdHD - I can't stick to just one thing!
2. I used to be a swing dancer, and I really miss it!
3. I own over 300 books.
4. I was born a full month after my due date - and Mom says I've been stubborn ever since!
5. Purple is my FAVORITE color! In case you hadn't guessed...
6. I'm only 26...but I've lost half an inch in height - crazy huh?
7. My life time goal is to grow up to be one of those eccentric old ladies that everybody loves!

Now for my 7 people...

1. Splendid Little Stars - because even through life's tough times she smiles and encourages others!
2. Beaded Tail - Because she simply rocks my world!
3. Memories for Life - I bet we'd hang out all the time if we leaved anywhere near each other :P
4. Nothing Like It - because her sense of humor is incredible!
5. My Art and the Mom in Me - Because she's so sweet.
6. Spirit Essence Art - I love the challenge she's set herself!
7. Little Studio Photography and Jewelry - because her comments always make me smile ;)

So what's been going on with me? Well, it's finally come to the time where we've decided I need to apply for disability. Let's just say it's a ton of paperwork and a very emotional process.

I'm also hard at work filling my Artfire shop! I just listed these earrings tonight :)

And just so this post isn't ALL about me - don't you just love this piece by my friend Huck? Her name is Bitty.


memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Awww...thanks for the award :) I'm so glad we met so we can "hang out" online :) Distance is no problem for us :)
Those earrings are awesome btw! I love the color :)
Good luck with the disability paper work!

BeadedTail said...

Congratulations on your award and thank you so much for thinking of me! I enjoyed finding out even more interesting things about you! Those earrings are incredible! Hope everything goes smoothly with all your paperwork!

Jess said...

Best of luck with your paperwork! And I agree, those earrings are stunning.

Jess // CLineCreations

Splendid Little Stars said...

Thank you, Ruthie! I have enjoyed your online presence--your engaged and caring nature comes through so warmly. [You do the same thing, you know. ;)]

Meghann said...

Oh my gosh, thank you! You are wonderful, and I wish you the best of luck with your disability application. May I ask what your illness is? I don't mean to pry :s
I wish I was eligible for disability - I missed too much work prior to my having left altogether so I can't even apply now :(
I hope you feel well this week and thank you so much again, you made my day!!

TiLT said...

only 300 books? I'd would have guessed more :)

lovin the new earrings...awesome blue (like the bracelet :)

and I love Huck's Bitty...every time I see it I keep thinking of the robot saying "bitty bitty bitty"..or are you too young to know it?

Linda said...

Go, Ruthie!

Congrats on the award and I like the earrings and purple too.

I hear that paperwork is a bear, so take your time with it.
Linda B.

Jazzy Jemz said...

Congrats! Hope the paperwork is going well. Let me know if you have questions or need assistance with the whole process.

Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

Awww....because I am so sweet!! Blush!! Thank you!! And you know what? I have lost 1/2 inch too!! No!! I am already a shortie!! Boo hoo!!