Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Count Down is On

The biggest problem I have with having a home business is that I work best under pressure. Which is just another way of saying I procrastinate so much that unless I have a dead line its often hard for me to finish a project. Yes, you may laugh at me. That's why during my school days I often made deals with myself like, "I can't watch this show tonight unless I finish my math homework first."

Well now I'm facing that big and fun deadline that every artists faces when they do shows - the countdown to opening day!

If it seems like I've talked about the Saturday Market season starting a lot - that's because I have! It's my main focus right now. And considering I'm down to 10 days - it should be!

My original plan was to spend all month working on things for the season, and then my nephews were born on the 11th of this month instead of the 10th of next month! Needless to say the whole first part of my month was completely taken up and saturated with baby stuff! Now I'm still a little split with my focus (how can I not be? They are so cute!!!) but I think I'm just about ready.

The most important things are done. The canopy is on it's way in the mail from Amazon, I've bought most of the displays I need, and if I don't get the rest in time that's ok, I'll just improvise and have it for the next week!

The biggest thing left on my plate is changing over some of my tagging system. While I'm dreading the monotony of that, I have started a few pieces at time with the items I've been listing these last few days. I think I'll probably go down to the red box while my hubby is gone this weekend and rent a movie to watch while I do the rest of the tags.


Anonymous said...

Oh.. Ruthie!! I understand you.. coz I have this situation too.. can't resist my niece.. she's so adorable.. Your twin nephews too.. so cute.. :D

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

How exciting!!! I think we all get more done under a deadline :)
And the nice thing is...you can work on more while at the market!

MagdaleneJewels said...

Ruthie - I think we are all the same - you know you have a show coming up for months - and it is the last week that you are going crazy - tagging your items, organizing, packing everything up. But like Edi said: I think we all work better under pressure! Good luck and wishes for lots of sales :)

BeadedTail said...

Add me to the list of doing the same thing! I'm sure everything will come together for you and hopefully that includes the weather so that you have a very successful market!

storybeader said...

you sound like my boss - I hate it... only because I'm the opposite! I have a show in two weeks, and need to get labels make, too! Need to get the jewelry out and look at it! Good luck!

gr8jewellery said...

Good luck with the fair Ruthie, hope you sell lots and lots! :)

lyptis said...

I have the same problem, too much distraction and procrastination!!
Its evil, especially the internet.

Have fun at the markets!:)