Saturday, April 10, 2010

Motivation Time

One thing that I've wondered (and tried not to worry about) is how I'll manage my shop and all that when I go back to working. Our goal has been for me to go back to work (or at least start looking) by the end of the summer right? Well I've figured that's going to be hard on me physically and I've been planning on trying to get stronger, but there's still been that small part of me that's worried about keeping up.

Well, the last two days have been really long. I've been at the hospital with my brother and his wife (you can read about it here) so I've been gone just as much as I would be if I was working (I was there for 8 hours yesterday). And...I'm discovering that I'm finding the motivation to get the things I need to done in and around being gone. I'm pretty tired, and I haven't listed anything in the last couple days, but I've been working to still eat healthy, I've been blogging, and I've made sure to spend some quality time connecting with my hubby every day.

It's definitely cutting in to my crafty time and my chatty time, but it's good to see that I'm finding the motivation to get things done :)


BeadedTail said...

Going back to work a wonderful goal to have Ruthie and I wish you much success! It's great that you are getting stronger and healthier and so many positive things are happening as a result. Yeah, work gets in the way of crafty and chatty time but it opens up a new world of inspiration and motivation. Best of luck to you!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

That's so great that you're thinking of going back to work :)
And that you feel strong enough to do so!!!