Sunday, April 11, 2010

Crocheting Frenzy

I believe I've mentioned recently that my sister in law is in the hospital with complications with her pregnancy. They are hoping that they can keep her healthy enough to avoid having to take the twins out for another two weeks, but it's still going to be early! Why does that mean a crocheting frenzy?

Well my Mom and I decided to make the matching blankets for the boys. Her's was finished a while ago, partially because she had a lot of time to work on it while she was up north with my dying Granny. I, being the slower crocheter, and having other projects going too, have been plugging alone on my blanket.

I thought I had a month left. Now it's any time in the next two weeks! I have a feeling I won't get the blanket done in time, but I want to try and get it done as soon as possible! Of course, spending time helping out with their two year old, and running errands, and all that other stuff is cutting into my time crocheting!

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memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

They'll love the blanket when ever they get it :)
Hope all goes well!!!