Thursday, April 28, 2011

And The Winning Name Is...

I had a lot of fun letting you guys help name my Lord of the Rings themed bracelet! I have to say there were a lot of very inventive names, and even the ones I didn't include in the voting, had lots of potential! I'm saving the list because I think some of these names will end up attached to other pieces, a few of them already have actually!

And the winner was...

The results were:
25 votes total.
Goldberry - 7
Leaves of Lorien - 5
Shires Rebirth - 5
Mirlass - 3
Elf's Envy -2
Reed and Willow - 1
 Laiqalassë -1
Green Leaf Magic -1

Kinga, of White Rabbit Jewels, suggested the winning name! Thanks Kinga - anything you want in my store you can have for $5 off :) 

I've been inspired by these leaves and crystals. I have many ideas swirling in my head right now! Some of them are for the leaves and crystals, and some are for using the embellishing technique I used in creating the bracelet. The first thing I did was to make some simple earrings:


Do those names look at all familiar? They should! I'm also working on a "Leaves of Lorien" broach (so I'm kinda glad it didn't win the name for the bracelet), although two are already spoken for, and I want the third for my messenger bag, so I'm going to have to buy more leaves if I want to make one for the shop! Which I plan to do because I also have another bracelet in mind that I plan on calling "The Shire's Rebirth." I also have at least one more pair of earrings I'd like to make! Yes, when I find an idea I like I do run wild with it, why do you ask?

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Anonymous said...

I lovvvveeee the color green in that bracelet! and the earrings too! I'm a little partial to the glass leaves also these days, well anything green I love. Congratulations on your bracelet's name!