Saturday, April 2, 2011

Friday Got Away From Me!

This was supposed to go up yesterday, but life keeps getting away from me! It was a busy day, but I thought I knew when I was going to get to blog. car broke down! Yes, that throws a wrench into your plans. How is my car? I don't know yet!

I also had something I got in the mail that I was going to share, but my camera ran out of battery! Ay yi yi...

Ok, for the "Friday Features" that I CAN share...

The Giveaway:
That's the number of entries so far! 
I'll be closing the giveaway tonight -

Featured in my Shop!

Ok, so not these earrings specifically, but I am doing a special in my shop, Rose Works Jewelry! Any order of $10 or more gets a complimentary pair of earrings valued $5! Who doesn't like more earrings? I know I do :) I'm always adding to my collection! 

I'm still doing my best to raise money to help support my brother through cancer, and my hubby and I since I'm not going back to work so I can take care of my brother. I've had a couple people donate money and to them a Huge Thank You!

Gordon is doing ok. He's bald and I really should get a current picture up one of these days, but I keep forgetting my camera. His first round of chemo was horrible, he ended up in the hospital for three days, and we had a crazy ER trip after that, but the second round went much better! Thank you everyone who has sent your prayers and encouragement! 

Featured Item:

I've been featuring items on my facebook and twitter over the course of the week - and this was my favorite! I can't even imagine the amount of work that took and the talent just blows me away! 


Mary T Designs said...

I love the beaded sculpture! I have noticed it myself.

Nancy said...

Lovely earrings. Sorry I missed the giveaway! I'll check back often. You have great giveaways!

I'm a new follower from the spring hop.
Hope you can hop by and follow me?

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Hope the car is okay!

Glad to hear Gordon is doing well :) You're so great to take care of him!

Re said...

Rosey Posey, those earrings are adorable. And, it is really cute that Humpty is bald too! Your family is very lucky to be so close, and to have you as the "Sis"

I know that you put the donation to good use, and pray that others will follow to help you and your family in this great time of need.