Saturday, November 15, 2008

Adventure Necklace - On Sale!

Those of you who've been around my shop and blog for awhile will probably recognize this piece - but now it's on sale through my blog only! Normally this piece sells for $20 plus shipping and handling, but if you buy it here you'll only pay $17.50 plus $2 shipping for anywhere in the world!

This beautiful necklace will fill you with a sense of adventure as you where it proudly around your neck! It's made from a combination of Red Tiger Eye and Red Aventurine. Neither stone is truly red in color, all though that's the official designation. The Tigereye is a deep brown with swirls of a lighter color that appears as if a tiger is staring right back at you. The Aventurine is an orange/brown and the smaller round beads are more beige in color. It's a beautiful combination and what I'd want to wear if I was going on a photo safari!

The necklace is approximately 19 inches in length and uses a hook clasp to make it easy to put it on by yourself! Let me know if you need a different length and I can easily adjust it for you.

Gemstone Lore:

Red Tigereye - This is the birthstone of the Gemini (May 21st - June20th). It is thought to promote clarity vision and assist with the focusing of the mind.

Aventurine - This is the Taurus birthstone (Apr 20 - May 20th). It is thought by some to promote adventure and by some to promote healing.


AnnieKints said...

I am sooo tempted. How did you get that paypal link on your blog??

storybeader said...

great post! And you used the "Buy it now" badge. Love it - I mean the necklace... and the badge! What a bargain!

blockhead radio said...

Great Post and I love the necklace too.

agoodwitchtoo said...

Looks great, Ruthie!!!

Tulip's Talking said...

Yes Ms Ruthie, the post looks great and very professional.

((((On knees))))how did you get the buy it now w/PP on there?



BeadedTail said...

Beautiful necklace Rose!

uniquecommodities said...

Great job and right behind you chica!

Marlaine said...

Lovely necklace!