Monday, November 3, 2008

Time Management - What YOU have to say!

Ok, you've heard my top two ideas on time management, writing up a promotions plan, and to-do lists, so now it's time to hear from other people! I had a thread going in the forum on time management and I got some tremendous feedback! So instead of trying to re-write what everyone else said, I'm just going to let you hear from these great artists :) And...I'm going to show off some of their work at the same time! Because I love showcasing other artists :) So here goes! Click on the picture to view the listing :)

Pixiebell said: One VERY big time saver, for me, is a subscription to! I have several international sales a month. My post office is ridiculous in the winter months, due to being overrun with snowbirds in our community. I used to spend 45 minutes in line a couple times a week just to mail off those parcels. Now, I can print first class international postage from home, complete with custom information.

No more post office, ever! Saves me time, saves my sanity, gives me more time to create!

D'Elle Jewelry said: I'm cleaning up when starting my uber slow computer, doing small tasks in between. I'm also an ai technician so while waiting for the next client I do bits and things in between.

I also think buying in bulk is time management and stress relief.

But biggest thing is not spending to much time on forums, something I just can't teach myself.

Unique Commodities said: Well.. I can tell you what I am SUPPOSED to be doing regarding time mgmt though I can honestly say I have not followed this in a while.

1. Initially I sat down and wrote out a business plan that incorporated my personal life, sent it to a couple of mentors & got their feed back. Based on that I came up with a specific schedule and plan . One of my favorite quotes is “You must work your plan if you truly plan for it to work”.

2. Based on my own personal lifestyle and schedule, I decided on the below schedule

Mondays/Tuesdays/Thursdays/Fridays – For three hours each day - Promote, Promote, Promote myself and others! Communicate on Blogs, Twitter, team forums only. Follow up on any inquiries and outstanding orders to be processed; create one jewelry item even if it is only one pair of earrings

Wednesdays – OFF DAY – Only communicate on team forums, blog and twitter if I have time

Fridays – Hang out with my friends! Have fun! Relax!

Saturdays – For 3 to 5 hours, create 3 to 5 pieces and photograph creations; Post on Etsy if time left
Sundays – Church in the morning, After 4 pm and for no more than 3 hours, Create 1 to 2 pieces , photograph remaining creations; Post on Etsy

A few things that I do to help me stay on track with my schedule are

I write a list of 6 most important things to do today.
Then I prioritize that list with 1 being the most important.
I oftentimes don't get all six items done but those items become my priority for the next day.
I generally have someone to hold me accountable to my ask how is it going so I can stay on track.

Paper Displays of Affections said:
Ways I keep sane:
make to-do lists (know my priorities!)
fold origami while waiting in line/on the train so assembly goes faster later at home
have standard packaging and weights
print labels off paypal (no lines at the post office!)
keep a list of ideas so I know what to make even if I don't feel creative

Jen's Closet said:The simplest idea, but it works for me! I put the timer on for 20-25 minutes, I cannot go near the computer during that time, or do any Etsy related stuff-just cleaning or whatever, then I can take a break, for whatever amount of time, like 10 minutes, and can do whatever I want. I'll keep that up and before I know it, I have a lot done!

Head Bitch in Charge said: So glad to hear Im not the only one with a time management problem!

One thing I am very good at is limiting my time online. I must be off by 10am. If I have a lot to do or want to mess around longer I just get up earlier.

I'm not very good about following my own rules so I must allow for flexibility. I try to work in solid 3 hour blocks. That way if I feel the siren song of something else pulling my attention away, I can just look at the clock and tell myself I only have an hour and a half left.
So roughly my schedule is 8-10am online, 10-1 work, take and hour or so for lunch, errands, and puttering. Work another 3 hours and its time to stop for dog walk and dinner.
I often have high hopes of working after dinner but I rarely do, so I don't count on it.
Work with your natural rhythms and optimize your schedule around it.


jenscloset said...

Thank you so much for adding my time management idea! It is a simple idea, but it's been working for me! I love the other ideas and will definitely incorporated those!

TiLT said...

Really loving this series! Keep it up...I need some motivation & direction right baout now :)

Earthly Fae said...

Thanks for featuring my time saving idea!


storybeader said...

I love Jen's idea of setting a timer. You getting on the computer, and then 3 hrs. later remember you were planning on an hour! Great forum thread you have there!

uniquecommodities said...

ALL of these are great tips and thanks for the feature! You are my ALL TIME FAVORITE BLOGGER!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

I'm glad you guys are liking the series!

And unique - your way too kind ;)

TNT2008 said...

I like the new banner!

Anonymous said...

Your new blog is beautiful Ruthie!

I feel bad because I definately need a plan, should have a plan, want a plan, envision a plan, but I have truly been slacking at a most critical time when all of the above would cause my goals and dreams to be realized.

So how does one get out of the hole/slump?

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I just realized I had the wrong link saved for your blog and although I've been checking it everyday all I kept seeing was the posting about going pink, yikes! Looks like I have loads of catching up reading to do as I see you've written many postings since then. At least I've fixed the error now, ugh! Love your lavender look - just beautiful!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Lily - want me to hound your tail on getting on the ball? :P

Mana - I'm glad you figured out you'd bookmarked the wrong page! Glad to have you reading again :)

BeadedTail said...

I am enjoying this series Rose! And I really like the new look of your blog!

Beat Black said...

very interesting read and I like the way you display their work too!

one thing I always have to remind myself is that I need to treat the computer part like work and not fun time :)

Five O'Clock Somewhere said...

I loved reading everyone's ideas, hopefully I can put some of them in place. Thanks for putting it all together.

TNT2008 said...

Not only is this more great information, but you have introduced us to more great shops. I really like Paper Display's earrings.