Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Another Day in the Life

I've been sick all weekend - but it feels like a lots happened anyway! I didn't get a chance to photo and post about my weekly bead weaving goal, but I did get it done last week!  I had originally planned on completing the next in my geekery series - but I hit a snag.  So I whipped up the lovely Christmas earrings you see on your right here, and I'll be completing my geekery bracelet this week!  The earrings aren't up in my shop yet, but it's on my list of things to get done today.  When I do, I'll come back and edit this post to include a link :)

I was contacted about a month ago by Kerry of the Creative Aussie Crafters Magazine.  She was impressed by some of the articles I'd put together as I started my promotions series, and asked me to write an article for the magazine! I was very honored by this request - and the magazine was just published! you can read it on-line here.

I'm busy learning some new techniques and getting ready to host my first jewelry part at my Mom's house this weekend.  I'm also busy getting ready to move! We've been in limbo, without a place of our own, since moving across the state at the end of September.  Thankfully we were given the opportunity to house sit for this entire time, but now we get to move into our own apartment! We start moving next Monday :)

Last night was an awesome and fun edition of the Block Head Rod show - if you missed it make sure to check it out in the widget on the side of my blog! We had fun :) 

Last, but definitely not least, I snagged the next edition in my on-going BNR! We've had 23 sales so far - but none yet this round.  Buy in to snag YOUR spot! You'll be in until you get a sale :)


uniquecommodities said...

Good Luck with your first Jewelry Party! Glad you are feeling better!

TiLT said...

wow! lots of good things! kudos on the magazine interest!!!
have "fun" moving.

Tulip's Talking said...

I agree with both comments. Congrats on being recognized for your talents, have fun with you first home party and decorating your very own home. Nice that you will have roots again with the holidays upon us.


BeadedTail said...

Congrats on your article! So many wonderful things happeneing to you and I wish you the best on them all! Love your earrings by the way!

storybeader said...

I forgot - you haven't moved yet! Take it slow, and have fun with it! Think your new earrings are adorable - they look like "southwestern holidays" to me. And congrats on being published! Oh, I had lots of fun listening/talking/writing on the radio last night!

Always Amy said...

Hey there!

I'm kinda dropping by randomly (& kinda dropping by to hit you with my EC) to tell you about this new selling site I found. It's called ArtFire.com & you should check it out.

It's still really, really new (still in beta) but it's heading in a really good direction! They are already buying advertising online & in print magazines to bring in traffic to the site. (It's already got almost as much traffic as indiepublic.com)

It's got stats for shop views so you know where your customers are coming from! I know! Gasp! Faint! Right? hehe

& it's just $7 a month (for the first 5000 artists) to list & sell as much as you can FOREVER. $7 a month no matter what! I signed up on that alone! haha

Anyhoo, it is new so there aren't zillions of people using it (which is good & bad) but I thought you might want to take a look at it. With the ad campaign they are working on kicking in soon (or so they are saying), I think it's going to be a good place to start listing!

If you sign up, give me a yell & let me know what you think!


Tulip's Talking said...

For you because you are who you are!


TNT2008 said...

Congratulations! Your time management series has been great and how wonderful to be noticed.