Saturday, November 1, 2008

Saturday's Goodness :)

I know I need to post up the next in my series on Time Management, but yesterday was too busy and today I'm just not feeling very good so it's hard to write intelligently.  LOL It should be up tomorrow though! Here's some quick updates on life in my business and world though :)

My Breast Cancer Awareness fund raising is over with as we have the dawning of the month! I only raised $11.40, but I'm going to raise it to an even $15 donation.

I'm starting a new fund raising effort for the next two months! I'm hoping that Christmas sales will mean this results in a much better donation :D Anyway, 10% of all my sales will be going to Open House Ministries. It's a homeless shelter in my home town that does some fantastic work in changing people's lives! I was privileged to work there for almost 2 years and I want to do something to support them now. To learn more go to  I plan on sharing some of my stories from my time there over the next two months, with names changed of course!

I have the newest edition of my BNR up in the forums right now! I didn't get a picture at opening, but here it is after the first two sales :) We're up to 3 sales for the round and 22 sales so far! Will you be the next to buy in?

I also found my self featured in this treasury - thank you storybeader!

I'm also on Twitter now, I have been for a few days, and i just wanted to give a shout-out and hello to all my new twitter friends! Look me up at: And no, that's not a misspelling, it won't take my full name!

Oh! And one last thing before I go, I'm going to start a newsletter! It will be e-mail based, so either leave me your e-mail in a comment, sign up on the widget on the side bar, or send me an e-mail letting me know your interested at

Have a great weekend all! And lots of sales to my etsy friends :)


uniquecommodities said...

Thanks for sharing and hope you feel better!

BeadedTail said...

Great job on raising funds for Breast Cancer Awareness! I wish you much success on your Christmas fundraising too! Congrats on the treasuries and all other great things happening to you too!

TNT2008 said...

Great job on the fundraising effort! And the treasuries look great.

storybeader said...

I thought I had a pic of that treasury, but no... Darn!
Signed up for the newsletter - good luck with it!

LazyTcrochet said...

Love the BNR. There are so many knitted goodies on there already!

Anonymous said...

Ditto Beaded Tail Rosey Posey! Hope you get to feeling better sweets. You certainly have had a time of it!