Sunday, November 16, 2008

Time Management Series - What YOU Have to Say! Part 5

 This is the last of the "what YOU have to say" series! Only one post (for now) left in this series! I say for now because I'll probably revisit the subject again at some point after I get back into my promotions series.  So without further delay...what YOU had to say :)

Jhk Editions said: Similar to some others, I carry a notebook with me everywhere to sketch/write down ideas when they happen. And at the beginning of each month, I book days on my calendar (usually on weekends) to work in my studio, and I don't schedule anything else on those days. I'm trying to give my art time as much credence as I do my day job.

Lil Bees said: One thing I do is only write item descriptions once--I save them all in a document, and then copy and paste...I post a lot of similar items, so that saves me a lot of time for those. Also I use the 'relist' feature as often as possible, (just changing out a few details and the pictures) because then it already has the tags and so on, and that saves me time.
I also take pictures of multiple items at once...just one after the other. That means I only need to set up my background/get out the camera/adjust lighting once...

In terms of the bigger picture, I set aside one day as week as no-net day! That's the day I focus on crafting a lot...then I post the items all the rest of the week.

Seriously though, I have kids. I am not half as organized as I sound. I have about 8 projects going on at any one time...right now I am in the middle of 4 knitting projects and have two partially sewn cloth diapers sitting on my sewing table, not to mention lots of other things cut out and pinned but not even out on the desk. LOL!


TiLT said...

Love these tips! Lil Bees sound slike me...more organized in theory due to kiddie factor...and the batching of tasks - I have all my descriptions in Word to save time too.

MagdaleneJewels said...

Well Rose, like you, I do too carry a little notebook with me to jot down that sudden idea that comes over me when I am out somewhere, or quickly try to sketch what is in my head, because by the time I get home. the thought totally escapes me. Thanks much for all your thoughts which are always helpful!

storybeader said...

a take multiple pics of my jewelry and cut & paste for my listings, but since they are OOAK, I can't reuse the descriptions. I don't think I can set aside a specific day for my art, because I really have to be inspired...and that comes and goes.

uniquecommodities said...

MAN! All of these are great tips!