Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Can you imagine???

I have a wonderful mental picture for you - but before I get to that - if you want to know why my blogging has been so sporadic lately check out this blog post :)

Now - do you listen to Block Head Radio? Well, if you do your probably familiar with our dear producer Rod:
Well - if we sell 50 of the 5,000 impression ads by March 15th .... he'll put on something like this:
Scary? Yes. A good reason to buy advertising for your shop? Of course!

Disclaimer: this will be done as tastefully as possible and I promise your trauma will be no where near as severe as the trauma his 6 children go through when THEY see it!

Want more information? Check out the original blog post on the stations blog :)

Like the pretty purple tutu? I found it (where else?) on etsy :D Go HERE to check it out :)


TiLT said...

he he! I love the tutu you found! I can picture it now *shiver*

Anonymous said...

I think many of us are having a blast with this one Rosey!


memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Oh my! This is too funny. I don't know if I feel worse for Rod or the viewers!

~~Sew Happy Designs~~ said...

What a pretty tutu! I sure hope this happens, It would just be too awesome!

uniquecommodities said...

Gorgeous Tutu! and this is hilarious!

Jo Hoffacker said...

I wish you luck! I'd love to see those legs in a tutu. :)