Sunday, February 1, 2009

Feeling the Love - Sharing the Love :)

Once again it's time for me to catch up on recognizing those wonderful people who've given me awards! I know I'm a bit of a party pooper because I don't pass them along - but I do want to at the least acknowledge these awesome people that think, for some odd reason, that I'm awesome! Go figure :P

Before I start though, I have to sadly admit that I lost a blog award! I don't know what's going wrong... Ok, so to back up, I have a notepad that I put any blog awards I receive in because I usually don't have the time or energy or whatever to blog about them at that moment. And then I periodically try to "catch up" and do a blog about them. Well the link to this one's not working :( I can't seem to find the blog at all! So sad :( So if your the one who gave me the award - I'm sorry!

Ok, on to the fun! I have two awards to feature -
the Lemonade award and the Who's Awesome award!
Big THANKS go out to curiousmess and mamaslittlemonkeys for
thinking of me when they received this award :)

I found this awesome bowl made out of FABRIC in curiousmess's shop,
and I want to know how on earth she does that???

And here's some uber-cute pj pants from mamaslittlemonkeys :)


star said...

awww, thanks for the linkage! i've found a new addiction with those bowls. i just...can't...stop! lol

~~Sew Happy Designs~~ said...

I bet I know how she makes that bowl! a good idea.

Anonymous said...

Nice feature Rosey!

Sew jumps on the bed w/sissors...wonder if that helps with her artistic knowledge???

Glynis said...

got to check out those bowls! thanks for sharing