Thursday, November 12, 2009

FREE SHIPPING for the Holiday's!

*Phew* It's been a LONG day! Yesterday we pretty much a wipe out because I had a migraine and I ended up sleeping for about 19 out of 24 hours. Yikes! So of course nothing got done. And this week has been a bit rough on the "getting things" done because of my sprained ankle anyway. Which in many ways has just felt not fair because it's the holiday season and I have so many ideas going through my mind! I mean I always have a million ideas going through my mind, but it's WORSE this time of year! You know what I mean? The good news I was a long day today and I got a lot done!

Among the many things I got done is I got all three of my shops set up for free shipping for the holiday season! So go check it out: Kindred Spirit Treasures, Rose Works on Etsy, and Rose Works on Artfire are all Free Shipping! Now through the end of December! Sweet huh? AND I have more surprises in store...just wait!

Despite the "fun" of this week, I've also managed to get some stuff listed or relisted this week! You know the drill...leave me a comment on your fav piece and get an extra entry into my top commentators contest! Woohoo! I love giving stuff away :D


BeadedTail said...

Glad you got a lot done and also got a lot of rest yesterday! Great deal with the free shipping!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Free shipping...awesome!

Hope the ankle gets better soon and you can get all those great projects done :)

Love the purple chain link bracelet.