Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Here and Gone Again

No pictures in this post because blogger isn't behaving and I don't have time to fight with it today! I'm having a busy week, somehow all my doctors appointments for the month seemed to end up this week! So I spent the morning at the doctors office today getting my bi-weekly shot (fell asleep too!) then came home and instead of having a productive after noon... I fell asleep again! LOL The shot tends to make me sleepy but this was ridiculous! Oh well. The good news is I also came home find there had been two sales in my BNR treasury (including one for my shop, thanks Spirit Mama!)!!!!

I'm having a friend over to join me and Mo for dinner tonight - then going over to check out her apartment and have some girl time tonight. So I just did a few quick things in the shops this afternoon :) My Artfire shop now has a Clearance section! There are only two items in it right now (lol) but there will be more added in the days to come! I also added more to the clearance section in my etsy shop, so stop by there and see what's new!

Now I'm off to tidy up my apartment and make some hamburger stroganoff :) What should I listen too? I think I'm the mood for more Elvis...


MagicMarkingsArt said...

Wishing you a more productive day :)
and lots of fun with your girlfriend.

Marlaine said...

When you really need the sleep, there's just no fighting it! Enjoy!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Glad to hear there were sales in the BNR :)
Hope you had fun with your friend :)

Dawn N said...

Glad you got a sale from your BNR. Hope your girl time was fun.

TheEclecticElement said...

Hey, sleep is important!! It's your bodies way of saying I need sleep =]
Good thing you complied instead of fighting it!
I hope all your doctors appointments going well-I know what it's like so I can sympathize.