Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday's Featured Artist - Yarrow1

I've been hanging out with some new gals (Bittersweets Daily Challenge) lately - and they are delightful! I met them because of a team mate of mine on Team
Big Damn Crafters and so I decided to feature her! I'd like you all to meet Karen...

1. What type of art work do you do?

I have done and am doing a lot of things in art. I have a piece in bronze. I just did a mural on a winery. I have done them both on inside walls and outside on homes. In addition I am always involved working with pen and ink, acrylics, watercolors and other media doing cards and ACEOs and paintings. I paint tiles, t-shirts and quilting blocks. There have been a lot of wine bottles painted with enamel and donated to charity. I have even had those bottles stolen; that gives me a troubled sense of "arriving" in the art world. lol

2. How did you get started doing art work?

I was influenced by sitting on my uncle's knee and watching him draw. My learning crochet; when I was 7 and had Rhuematic Fever, was taught by a kindly neighbor. My sculpting was at the same time, given clay be a home teacher. I have never stopped since then, but gotten "off track" by jobs.

3. Do you do any other crafts?

I occasionally do ceramics, soaps, lotions, and salts because of jobs I learned them in.

4. Is there a story behind your shop name?

The name is a healing herb. I am a healer using massage, energy and herbs for healing my animals.

5. What's your favorite piece in your shop right now?

The gourd using my horses mane and wood burning. My horse was 33 years of age.
bird gourd Native American

6. Where do you sell your work?

I sell my work at the winery, Vista Del Rey. The owners are very supportive of artists.

I'm also on etsy as Yarrow1.

7. Do you blog?


8. Are you on any social networks you'd like to share?

9. Do you watch or listen to anything while you
work? If so, what?

Public radio, it gives me both news and music of all kinds. I also listen to books gotten from the library.

10. Tell us one random fact about your self *wink*

I hate housework!

I do too! It soooo gets in the way of creating! LOL


memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

I checked out her shop...she has a lovely variety of great items :)

beadifulbaublesSC said...

what a lovely feature. I am proud to say Karen is my mom :) she is inspiring, supportive and dedicated to the arts and has always been supportive of her kids own artistic paths :)

Marcia said...

Karen, How nice to see you receiving the recognition you so deserve. You are truly gifted.