Sunday, November 1, 2009

November brings Octobers Winners!

This month is a great month (and I don't just say that because it's my birthday month!)! This month we have 4 winners instead of 3! That's right...there was a tie for 3rd place! I know! How crazy is that???

Just a reminder of how this works: I track every comment that I receive on my blog. Then, at the end of the month, the top three commentators (this month 4!) win prizes! Whoever wins one month is not eligible the next month to win, so sometimes it's not actually the top commentator who wins that month, because I want to give everyone a chance!

Whenever I put up a collection of my latest works promoted I give people a chance to earn extra entry's towards my commentators contest. Those extra entries are in parenthesis. And now for our winners!

1. Beaded Tail 29 (4)
2. Memories 26 (4)
3. Anitra Cameron 10 (1)
3. Nico Designs 11

Congrats to each and every one of my winners! It's been a full and busy month, and I've had a lot of fun blogging, talking, and continuing to get to know you guys :) I'm really excited that my two third place winners have never won on the blog before! And I'm really excited to see what they pick out :) Now let me show off a few of their awesome items!

And now for the fun geeky numbers! The winners is my favorite part - but cuz I'm a geek I like seeing this part too :P

Top Commentator: This Month - 29 Last Month - 24
Total Commentators: This Month - 62 Last Month - 47
Total Comments: This Month - 217 Last Month - 182

My numbers went up! I like to see that!

Just a reminder - this is what our winners won - and what you could win next month!

Top 3 Commentators - Write up on this blog :)

1st Place - $20 Gift Certificate to my Shops
2nd Place - $10 Gift Certificate to my Shops
3rd Place - $5 Gift Certificate to my Shops

Also, don't forget, this month's winners can't win next month - so here's your chance!


memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

That Sharla beats me everytime...LOL!
Congrats to all the winners :)

V---'-@ said...

What fun and what a wonderful thing to do with your blog. It's nice seeing other folks' works too.

Also, congrwtulations on having so many readers and commentators. :)

Patricia C Vener

BeadedTail said...

Yay! I enjoy your posts and read and comment not thinking of the contest so this is always a fun surprise! (Sorry Edi!) Thank you so much Ruthie!

Anitra Cameron said...

Wow! I'm totally excited, and can't wait to go shopping!

Oddly enough, I'm so new to your blog, I didn't know you did this until you told me I'd won. I thought, "Huh? How'd I do that? Did I enter something and then forget?"


Dawn N said...

Your blog is always fun to read. Nov is my birthday month too.

TiLT said...

Woo Hoo to all the winners!!

NICO Designs said...

Thank you! Like Anitra I forgot you did this so it was a great surprise.
I blogged about it:

Very Verdant said...

Giving gifts to your readers is a great idea. What a generous person you are. Congrats to the winners.