Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday's Feature - Creative Critters

Hi everyone! Since my radio show has been cancelled - but I love getting to know artisans - I'm going to start up my Friday's Featured Interviews again! Today I'd like to introduce you to Michelle of Creative Critters. Just click on any of the pictures in this blog feature to be taken to their listings :)

1. What type of art work do you do?

I sculpt in polymer clay- everything from fantasy sculptures, to animals, to miniature houses, to pen sets, and whatever else I can think of. I also make hand sewn cloth dolls which are great for kids or doll collectors. I make mixed media jewelry with polymer clay and a variety of beads. And I make plush World of Warcraft characters (also hand sewn). Oh, and I make knit stuffed toys for kids as well. I think that's everything.

2. How did you get started doing art work?

I've always been very creative. I learned the basics of sculpture in art class in high school. My grandmother taught me the basics of sewing when I was young. My best friend taught me how to knit a few years ago. Mostly I've advanced my knowledge and techniques through books. I have a whole bookshelf full of art and craft related books. I'm constantly trying to improve my skills as well as learn new ones.

3. Do you do any other crafts?

Let's see, I knit, crochet, sew, sculpt, make jewelry, stuffed animals, dolls, candles (just for friends and family). That's all I can think of at the moment, but I'm always up for trying something new.

4. Do you have any crafts on your list to learn right now?

I'm developing a real fascination with glass beads (seeing all the glass artists on Artfire is very inspirational). I'd also like to try my hand at metal clay. You just never know what will catch my attention next.

5. What's your favorite piece in your shop right now?

That's a hard one. I really love what I do, and I form a very real attachment to my pieces. I think maybe my Plush World of Warcraft Tauren Hunter and his Pet Lion are my favorite right now. I put a LOT of work into them, and I really love the way my lion turned out. I never outgrew stuffed animals!

6. Where do you sell your work?

I sell my work at I've also sold quite a few pieces through word of mouth to family and friends.

7. What got your started selling your work?

I started running out of room in my house for all my creations! Even with giving my work away as gifts, I was still making more than I really had room for. I started selling my work through a consignment shop in NY at my friend's urging. All of my friends and family said my work was good enough to sell, and once I began actually making sales I believed them.

8. Do you blog?

9. Are you on any social networks you'd like to share?
I'm on Facebook, MySpace,,, and Flickr.

I had a ton of fun going through Michelle's shop to set up this blog piece - in fact it was really hard to narrow down my choices! So I have to leave you with one more piece that I absolutely love. :) Remember to click on any of the pictures to be taken to the listing!


storybeader said...

great interview - love her polymer clay. Neat!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Such cool stuff! I'm sure this is a fave of yours Ruthie :)

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Good interview...I'm exactly like her. I don't think I have ever outgrown stuffed animals...must be the kid in me! Have a superb weekend!!

BeadedTail said...

Perfect name - very creative critters!

Beadwright said...

Love this interview. I collect dragons so this was nice to see.

Vanessa said...

Great Friday Feature!!

uniquecommodities said...

working with polymer clay is fun!