Monday, October 19, 2009

Crafty ADD Update #13

I know some think that 13 is an unlucky number - but I have lots to show off this week so it must not hold true for me! So let's get to it.


I realized a few days ago, with panic, that the baby shower is NEXT WEEKEND! I sat down and figured out how many squares I had left, how many days (leaving time to wash it once), and how much that means I need to crochet a day. I have to crochet and attach 6 squares a day! Now I've put in that kind of time on bead weaving many a time, but never crocheting!

Fortunately I'm right on track :) In the last couple of days I've crocheted and attached 16 squares! I have two more done since I took the pic this afternoon, and I have two more left to go to finish up my goal for the night. I know I can do it!

Cross Stitch

Not much progress from last week - but I've finished all the grey outlining! I won't get much done on it this week either...well at least not until the baby blanket is done! Then again once the blanket is done I'm going to need a serious break from crocheting....

Oh yeah, that's what knitting is for :P


I usually don't have a ton to show off in the jewelry category because I don't list everything I make in these updates - usually it's just whatever my WIP is - or maybe a special project that's not going on-line. Well this week I still have tons to show even with that!

The two hemp bracelets are a custom order for little twin girls for Christmas! I'm excited - because I love kids - and I love twins! So I'm thrilled that I got a chance to do this. I just wish it hadn't taken me so long to get the hemp color I needed. Fortunately I had an AWESOME customer who was very understanding!

The memory wire bracelet is what Meri ordered with her Gift Certificate from my Top Commentators contest. I love how it turned out! She loves woodsy things, and liked the look of memory wire, so this is what I came up with for her. :)

I'm back partcipating in the Thursday Sweet Treat weekly theme! This weeks was "In the Stars." Fortunately I recently bought those cute star beads, so coming up with a piece for this week was easy! I also need to restock my consignment store - so that's where this one is going! Of course, if anyone is interested, I can easily make another one for any interested customer.

I just have to show these off too! Even though these Bright and Cheery Disc Earrings are listed on Etsy and will be showing up next time I do a spotlight on my recent listings. Why? Because I'm excited about them! LOL

I've only made a few things with circular brick stitch so far. A pendant for my "Aztec Treasure"necklace, and for a pair of earrings called "Whirl of Colors." Both of those simply used seed beads. For these earrings I branched out a wee bit more and used a larger bead for the center and several different sizes of seed beads - and it went together like a dream! Look for more pieces in similar styles to be showing up in my shop over the next few months.

What's Next?

Well, like I said a good majority of my time this week is being devoted to crocheting. However, both my consignment shops need to be restocked as well! And I have an order that I need to work on tonight to adjust its length so I can mail it when I go to the post office tomorrow.

Did I mention my grandparents are also in town?


I WILL get a good photo of the blanket when it's done to go up in next week's ADD post. I'll also try to get some shots of my consignment pieces and either give them their own post or put them in next weeks ADD post. In the mean time - lets hope my fingers don't fall off!


BeadedTail said...

What a week! You got a lot done! I love those earrings!

Merily said...

Wow, busy week! That blanket is looking so pretty- your cousin is going to really appreciate it. :) (That one is for your cousin, right? I have a memory like a... thing you strain pasta with, lol!)

I love the bracelet you made me! It's definitely woodsy. :D

That jewelry is all pretty, but I think my favorite (besides mine, of course!) is the disc earrings. I love all that color and the different sizes of the beads. Very good job! :)

storybeader said...

sounds like you're doing well. Love the little stars! I was looking for a star to put at the top of my Christmas tree pendant, but had to do without it! Sweet bracelet! {:-Deb

NICO Designs said...

Busy Busy as always!

Leather Made Nice said...

I agree with Sharla, I love those earrings - AND 13 is a great number - my favourite if truth be known...., you go girlfriend.

ANne ^i^

Dawn N said...

You've certainly been busy! Unfortunately my day job always gets in the way of my crafts. I do have a freeform necklace that I work on at lunch but it will take me forever to finish.

Anonymous said...

Busy = feeling well ???

She will love that blanket, all the work and love you've given to it...

The twins order is awesome. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Busy = feeling well ???

She will love that blanket, all the work and love you've given to it...

The twins order is awesome. Congrats!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Wowwie...busy as usual!
The blanket is coming together nicely and all the jewelry looks awesome. I can see why you're excited about the earrings...they're great!

Linda Pruitt said...

It's great to be busy! Hectic though. I can remember a few projects where I really had to rush; it's the ones that I fail to finished that bug me! And I have a couple of those.

Splendid Little Stars said...

2 very lucky, happy little girls who will soon be wearing lovely yellow bracelets!
What a beautiful baby blanket! The other bracelets are great, and I think your disc earrings are quite snazzy!

CWinspirations said...

Well I don't know how I missed this post till now!

The blanket looks lovely! I can't wait to see the finished product! Also, that star necklace is beautiful! I have (shame on me) never worked with memory wire yet. I should probably go to the bead store and get some and see how I like it. Of course, I will also have to buy beads to go on it! (insert evil laugh here!!!)

Leah said...

So much great work!! Love the brain. :-) Did the blanket get done in time?