Monday, October 26, 2009

Crafty ADD Update #14

What a week! Last week was a whirl wind of crocheting and making jewelry to put in my consignment stores. It's a relief to be done with the blanket! I already showed it once, but since this is my ADD post I'll show it one last time :)


I wrote a post about my crocheting marathon already - but I do have something to add! Every one loved it at the party. The best part was little two year old Billy's reaction to it though. "It has holes in it!" Fe's response? "That's so we can find the baby!"

It'll be a little while before you see any more crocheting projects from me. I decided to toss my original blanket I was working on. There were WaY to many mistakes in it! So I'm chalking it up to a learning experience and I'll use the remaining yarn for small projects. For now I'm going to do some knitting though :) Once I'm done with the two knitting projects I have lined up though ...


I had started this scarf once, as I was waiting to start the baby blanket, but I had to pull it apart and start again cuz I made some mistakes and I don't really know how to fix it other than to tear it all out! But hey, in the last couple days I've managed to knit it back to approximately where it was before, so I'm not worried about it!

Cross Stitch

I started filling in the brain! This was the first project I picked up again after finishing the blanket...and then I haven't picked it up since. Yesterday was mostly lost to crafting or I'd probably have more done on it. It's fun to add in the color!


I'm working on (among other things) making a series of bead woven earrings to put in my main consignment shop. This is the first half of the first pair! I made it this morning and I'm hoping to have enough time to make the second one before I have to leave to run errands and get my tooth pulled this afternoon. We'll see. I also have to fold the laundry when it's done and take a shower once I have clean clothes...


Merily said...

That blanket came out *great*! lol, I love the comment about finding the baby in it. ;)

Oh man, do I know all about frogging yarn projects to get back to where you can fix it. That's so annoying!

The brain is looking good! ... wow, that's a weird comment, huh? ;)

The earring is coming out great! I like the design and the different size beads you used. :)

BeadedTail said...

Crochet, knitting, cross stitch and beading? Yep, you have crafty ADD! Everything looks great though!

Judi FitzPatrick said...

Hi, Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog!
I love the baby blanket and your knitting stitches look very neat and tidy, as does your cross stitch - hmm, a brain? Very cool.
And earrings too! All look wonderful.
Never heard it called Crafty ADD, but I guess I have it, too, LOL!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Billy's comment gave me a good laugh!

Can't wait to see the earrings when they're done!

Silver Artisan said...

ohhh, neddle craft. My 15 year-old daughter loves kniting. Every so often she gets the knitting-bug and it's all she wants to do. At school she uses pencils as neddles :), not kidding. I'm so proud of her because she learned on her own, I only knew how to cast points, and now she follows patterns very well.

Thank you so much for posting on my blog, as you can see it was negglected for many months, but I'm back.

Thanks again,

maiaT said...

Your blanket looks great and the other stuff too. My favotrite is the necklace and can't wait to see the earrings.
Where do you take the energy for so many activities.
Thanks for stopping by and comment.

Apple said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.

TheEclecticElement said...

That blanket turned out beautifully, you did such a wonderful job on it!
I love the reaction you got :D

It looks like your quite busy with all your projects!

I conquer-I'm diagnosing you with crafting ADD. Lol

Leah said...

teehee! i love the reactions to the blanket. too cute!