Sunday, December 13, 2009

At Last!

I was planning on putting up this post...with the snow flakes I made last week that I talked about in my last Crafty ADD post....a couple of days ago. But, well, you know my life. It tends to go wonky. And this week has been no exception! If you want to know what's going on feel free to visit my personal blog, A Jedi's Musings.

Anywho - here are the snow flakes I decorated the doors in my house with! The last picture is the front entrance - I put a tinsel garland there as well :)

I also wanted to shop off my latest promoted items.
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BeadedTail said...

Cute snowflakes! I really like your purple bracelet!

Kathleen said...

Fun snowflakes =)

I like the first bracelet - and congrats on the sale!

Hope things settle down for you!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Pretty snowflakes :)

Love your Pretty in Pink and Black Chain Link Bracelet...I see it already sold!!!

Anonymous said...

Simple Pleasures, Life's Treasures

Meghann LittleStudio said...

Very pretty! I always love all of your items :)
Hope you are feeling well,

Linda Pruitt said...

So glad you are doing better! Pretty snowflakes--reminds me of my childhood!

NICO Designs said...

I used to be so fascinated with making snowflakes when I was younger. Never good at using scissors I always dreamed I could make really intricate designs...have a great holiday!