Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Crafty ADD Update #18

Well this is the shortest ADD update I've had in a long time! But that's ok - I can't take over the owrld every week *wink* And I had some sick days last week (and this week too for that matter). All these pics go back to Monday...but that's not saying much cuz Tuesday was a total sick day with no crafting.


Oh yay baby! I'm rocking the knitting the scarves :D Last week - 13 1/2. This week? 38 1/2 inches! Woot! I'm think I'll probably go a little over 5 feet (this one's for a girl and doesn't need to be as long) but we'll see what I end up with :P


I started my niece's Christmas present! It's going to be a hat. This is take three on doing what they call the cuff.... As you may be able to tell from the picture I need to pull it out part way because, yet again, I lost a stitch somewhere so it got smaller part way along and I didn't notice... Oh well, I can do it! That's the nice thing about crochet - it's not hard to pull out and start over part way through :P


I keep having little mini-crazy-jewelry making parties. I did these....Sunday evening I think? I sooooo need to get some pictures to load new items on-line! I also made a Christmas present that night - but I can't show that because it was for someone who might see the blog :P

Paper Craft

Take my word for it - I made some snowflakes :P I forgot to take pictures earlier when I was taking pics for this post - maybe I'll get picks and put 'em up tomorrow?


Merily said...

Ooo, lots of pretty random jewelry! And the scarf is coming along great! With the crochet, are you counting stitches as you go along? I do that every few rows to make sure I still have the right amount.

Dori said...

That is a lovely color. Will you take pics when you are done?

BeadedTail said...

Even your short ADD update is longer than mine this week. I made 4 pairs of earrings and that's it. Love the color of that cuff!

LazyTcrochet said...

Good luck with your crochet! Counting can be so tedious, but it pays to check once in awhile or count as you go. Pretty!

Fernanda said...

I invite you to visit my blog.

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

You're rockin' the knitting and crocheting lately!!!

And I love that you now have a paper crafting section in your ADD :)

Joy said...

Love it!

Lisa Crone said...

I like the idea of mini-crazy-jewelry making parties!! That is so cute!! Wish I could be there too! :)