Thursday, March 3, 2011

Giveaway Bonanza!

Just let me start by saying, sorry I haven't blogged in two days! I really meant too, but I'm just worn out so it hasn't happened. I'm my brother's secondary caregiver and adjusting to the schedule has had me really run down, but I have a day off today! Woot! And even better? He's doing much better today :D Which means he should have some time to build a little strength before the next chemo treatment. Now for what you want to see..

Giveaway Bonanza

Meri of Elfling Creations offered a second item for this weeks giveaway. She wanted to do something to help support my brother and raise awareness and I love the item she's added to my giveaway :D I think you will too! 

So here's how it works! I'll be drawing two winners for this weeks giveaway when I get up on Saturday - and you can get an extra entry! Just go check out her shop and then visit the giveaway post  and leave me a comment there to get an extra entry into the contest! There were 27 entries when I went I got of the computer last night - and I'm headed to check that email as soon as I've update the original giveaway post with the new item :)

Here's what Meri has to say about the earring: The earring dangles about 1" from the ear cuff, which is silver-plated and 3mm wide. The sun bead has a crescent moon on the reverse side. That bottom bead is a cats eye- that's hard to see in the photo, so I figured I'd mention it.

Now go enter! 

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moonlitfantaseas said...

glad to hear your brother is doing better! need to take care of your self too, don't let your self get run down in the process of taking care of him......