Monday, March 14, 2011

Simply Smiss's Giveaway Winner!

Yes, I'm late putting this up, but like I mentioned in my 80's blog I'm still sick! Good news is that I did finally decide to go to the doc to make sure this cold hasn't become something more - and it's still a cold! Doctoring myself up with lots and lots of tea, Vit C, garlic, and rest :) Now for what you really want to hear ... who this week's winner is!

Number 4? Who's that? 

Congrats Valeryalta! 

Now I don't know her - which is exciting! It means I had some one new enter the contest!
So I dug into my comment records to find out who she is...

Her blog is called Yarn Kiss and I found this picture...

It's a Jayne Hat! Those of you who know me well know I'm a big Firefly fan - so that made me happy :)

Congrats again! 

I'll try and get tomorrow's giveaway up first thing tomorrow :)


valeryalta said...

Hi Ruthie! I'm Valery, and now you know me. Sort of. :) I'm Susan's college friend - we met my first year at the local campus, and then we were roommates my last year out at main. I was actually friends with her fiance first, who is one of my husband's best friends from way back, and they (Susan and Josh) met in my fledgling drama club. College social circles are so tangled. :P I'm glad you like my Jayne hat! How do I pick a prize? I'm so excited! said...

Congratulations, Valery! :)