Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How I Relax

I love this week's blogfire challenge! I'm supposed to tell you how I relax - which is a great topic! There are two main ways I relax. Reading and beading. Since this is my jewelry/craft blog - I'll tell you about the beading. Is that ok? Good.

Now some pieces, while I love the results, actually take a lot of work. I fiddle and fight with them, and while I may love the results, the journey to get there isn't exactly restful. This piece is one of those:

This is one of my favorite necklaces, don't get me wrong, but the beaded beads I used took me a awhile to figure out! These were the first one's I'd ever done, and if I remember correctly there were at least 4 that ended up in the garbage because they were just way too wonky. 

Other beaded projects are very relaxing to work on. Especially when I already know the pattern and its something repetitive that you don't have to really think about a lot. This is the perfect example of that:

I often work on pieces like this when I need a break from things that are more mind intensive. So I'll pick this up when I've been stressed out, or when a project isn't working the way I want and I need a break, and I can watch things online and just zone out. I call this my zen beading. It's very therapeutic! I turn off all of my chat windows, laugh at my shows, and bead. I love it :)

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Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

I couldn't agree with you more Ruthie-Sometimes when I want to relax and zone out for awhile, I go to beading. My mind just automatically focuses on the creating at hand and nothing else :)

Other times however (especially when I'm going to tie off and repeatedly keep dropping my loose ends while beads fly everywhere) it can be quite frustrating!

But either way, I'd rather be beading xD

Karen Williams said...

Friend's often ask how I can spend so much time on a particular piece, "Don't you get bored?".

I smile and shake my head - like you beading for me is often a zen place, expect when it isn't. And even then, it's not Boring.

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