Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekly Giveaway - Featuring ScaryWhiteGirl

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It's that time of week again - Giveaway Time! This week's artist is Scary White Girl - aka - Dawn. I met Dawn through the Big Damn Crafters team - a group of like-minded geeks who all love the show Firefly! (To find items from the team search "team bdc" on etsy) Dawn has some fun geekery in her shop, and she's just plain a fun person to be around. Here's her interview:

1. Where can we find your work and what do you create?

My shop is, and I make crocheted items. A lot of my items are geeky and/or morbid, like my Firefly and Doctor Who themed items, Decapitated Dollies, and eyeball cat toys, but I also have some more "normal" things as well, like arm warmers, coffee cozies, and ice cream cozies.

2. What's your favorite part about being an independent artist? 

I like having at least a portion of my day where I'm my own boss. I still work full time, and craft on the side, but it's nice to be able to be the one who decides what projects take priority when for a little while.

3. Where do you find your inspiration?

All over the place! I've drawn inspiration from people I've met at craft shows, things I've seen on TV or in movies, and interesting color combinations in stained glass. I don't think I can go anywhere without looking at things through a lens of "can I crochet this?"

4. What advice would you give to other artists?

Make what you love. If you don't love what you're making, stop making it, and figure out what you do want to make. You'll enjoy the process so much more once you can focus on what you want to be doing, rather than what you think you should be doing. And the enjoyment you take from your work will show through and become a selling point.

Onto the Giveaway!

You Could Win a Coffee Cozy like the one's featured int his post!
Here's what Dawn has to say about them:

Dress up your coffee shop coffee with this fashionable and environmentally friendly crocheted coffee cozy, made from organic cotton! Even when the cardboard coffee sleeves are made from recycled cardboard, they still end up back in the trash (or the recycling bin). Instead, use this washable coffee cozy to keep your hand protected from the hot coffee cup! (Winner may choose the color/stripe pattern for their cozy from available cozies at Value $12.

So how can you win?

1. Comment on this entry
2. Share your favorite item from her shop (scroll up for link)
3. Plurk or twitter about it and leave a comment with link.
4. Blog about it and leave a comment with link
5. Purchase an item from her shop (for 5 entries) (link above)

Important: All entries must be submitted by comments on this blog post.
I'm keeping track of the entries, so telling Dawn about them won't help :P

Interested in doing an artist feature/giveaway on this blog? Just let me know!

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FeFiFo~Firedaisy said...

The cozy in blue is so cute fro spring and I love that it is organic cotton! Thanks for a giveaway- always so fun!

French Elegant Jewelry said...

Not my cup of tea but my sister's all the way. So would love to win her something she would actually like. lol

samsstuff said...

I love Firefly! Sorry where was I? The colors in this cozy are perfect & I love the organic cotton.

samsstuff said...

My favorite item is the Jane Cobb style crocheted hat (or the crocheted Tardis...)

samsstuff said...

Sorry, That last comment should say Jayne...