Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Mish-Mash Post by a Sick Girl

Yes, as the title says, I'm rather sick right now. I've been fighting a nasty cold for awhile now. I thought it was over for a bit last week (long enough to catch up on things!) and then it came back with a vengeance! It has now graduated from a nasty cold into a serious sinus infection. *sniffles* I'm so proud of my little nasty cold, it's growing up!

Seriously though, sick, but trying to do what I can :) My sale is still going because I've been too out of it to updated it :P I am up to processing orders if anyone wants to check it out before I get the inspiration to change it around and do something else :P

Don't forget to check out this week's giveaway featuring Meri Greenleaf!  It's currently rocking along with 30 entries so far! Don't worry - there is still plenty of time to enter - I'll be announcing the winner sometime on Sunday :)

That brings me to my next very related topic. One of Meri's dear friends is Aquariann. She entered my giveaway and I had a lot of fun checking out her blog! It was a return trip for me, and I was delighted to see that she has this going on right now:

I promptly entered it and visited it a few of the blogs. Not very many though :( I've been pretty sick, but I'll visit them as soon as I can! Meri also pointed out that Aquariann had a post about free giveaway sites! So I will be entering all giveaways on this blog at those sites from now on :) Meri did it for me this week (cuz she loves me!) and I'm betting anything that some of these entries (from people I've never heard of) are a direct result of this extra work! What does this mean for you? Well, anyone who's interested in being the featured artist for one of my giveaways can rest easy that they will get more entries than they would have before!

Now a Question I have for all of you: What do you do to promote your blog? I have some things I do, and I'll talk about those in my next post, but I want to know what you do. If I like your ideas, I'll give you a shout out on my blog!


Meri Greenleaf said...

Just submitted all the ones that were relevant, and would let me with only 3 days. Fingers crossed some of them work. :)

I hope you feel better, sis!

Kala said...

Feel better soon:)

Marsha Wiest-Hines said...

Get WELL Ruthie!

Jewelry by Jane 29 said...

This is such a great way to interact!
Get well soon!

Karen Williams said...

Take care of yourself! Don't let your cold grow to monstrous proportions.

Sending you a virtual bowlful of steaming chicken noodle soup (or vegetable soup if you prefer). :)

Jessica said...

I don't have a blog to promote but I do hope you feel better very soon so you can enjoy some spring!