Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pay It Forward 2011

I got these lovely earrings (and I'm wearing them right now!) from Jennifer of JPrideJewelry! It's all a part of Pay It Forward 2011!

These earrings were perfect because I was planning on making myself some small purple earrings - so I think she read my mind :D

If your not familiar with the Pay it Forward concept here's out how it works: When you pay it forward you do nice things for other people, and all you ask is that they pass it on to someone else! It can be some thing simple, $5 at Starbuck for the car behind you, even just smiles or opening doors, but it's always fun! There's something wonderful about doing something expecting nothing :)

So how does this work? The first 5 commentators on this blog post will get something free from me! All I ask is that you turn around and do the same thing. It's on the honor system, I'm not going to check up on you, but I guarantee you'll have fun doing it!

Please include your favorite color in the comment :) and make sure I can get a hold of you to get your address!


Selana said...

I love to pay it forward... and the earrings are beautiful.

My favourite colours are red, black and purple

Bewitching Dreams said...

I think this is a great idea! My mom used to teach her kindergarteners about pay it forward and I try to do a little good each day.

What a great concept <3

Blue, green, light pink

mendy said...
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mendy said...

What a nice idea! Oh btw cute earrings.

lol my favorite colors are the same as dream's

all light: blue, green, and pink

Tambi said...
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Tambi said...

I was on the receiving end of 'pay it forward' at Sonic drive thru one day recently. Had a smile on my face all day. I love the idea of 'pay it forward on line'. Earrings are a great way to make someones day! I love any and all changes with the day and the outfit:) Blues, Purples, Browns...

Mishya said...

I love the idea of the pay it forward. My favorite colors are clear, light pink, blue, green and black.

My husband and I are one of those that try to do something good for someone each day. Right now I'm cooking for my mother's friends who don't have any children and are too old to take care of themselves. Later on we'll go and visit them and make sure they're okay.

Dori said...

my lp and i pay it forward whenever we can. isn't it a great feeling?