Monday, April 6, 2009

Sale Item of the Week - Heroes!

I'm very excited to be offering this as my weekly special! This is one of my favorite creations, for so many reasons. If your a major Heroes fan (like myself), you'll recognize this symbol as one that mysteriously appeared over and over, espcially in the beginning. It's supposed to represent a fusion of the Japanese Kanji for "God" and "send." 

One of the reasons I love this piece so much is that it was the first difficult pattern that I greated. Now, some beadweavers might look at that and go "huh, not THAT hard." And maybe one day I will too, but this was my first pattern that wasn't simply geometric designs. It's also proven to be extremely popular! I made one over Christmas (no pictures unfortunately) in black and silver, and the picture below was another custom order. 

The black and white bracelet is 7 1/2 inches long. I can easily make this bracelet in any size and colors that you'd like though. This week it's only $26, that gives you 20% off and only $2 shipping to anywhere in the world! Just let me know what size you need and what colors your interested in. You can contact me directly at to let me know what your specifications are.


Becky said...

Very cool - my DH is addicted to Heroes big time, I catch it occasionally! :D

storybeader said...

Great deal! I know it takes a lot of work to weave those little beads. Hopefully next weekend I'll be finishing up my first substantial piece, and can show it off!

uniquecommodities said...

Very nice!

BeadedTail said...

What a wonderful deal on such a beautiful bracelet!